R package that calculates classic decision consistency indices

where. tag is the anchor name of the item where the Enforcement rule appears (e.g., for C.134 it is “Rh-public”), the name of a profile group-of-rules (“type”, “bounds”, or “lifetime”), or a specific rule in a profile (type.4, or bounds.2) "message" is a string literal In.struct: The structure of this document. Each rule (guideline, suggestion) can have several parts: For two-stage methods, Mask R-CNN is a classic method. It adopts the same two-stage structure as Faster R-CNN [18] : In the first stage, region proposal network (RPN) is used to propose a group of regions of interest (ROI), and in the second stage, the instance mask is predicted from the features extracted by ROIAlign. The SLEDAI-2 K was validated against the SLEDAI with a high correlation between both indices (r = 0.97, P = 0.0001) . The SLEDAI sensitivity and responsiveness to change have been shown in comparative studies with the SLAM, BILAG, and European Consensus Lupus Activity Measurements. New Functions. dim_pad_extend - extends (i.e., expand, append, pad) an existing array along the 'record dimension' to a user specified size.. dim_pad_modulo - pads (i.e., expand, append, extend) an existing array such that the size of a specified dimension is a user specified 'modulo' length.. enthalpy - computes atmospheric enthalpy.. esacr_n - computes sample auto-correlations on the given ... This is a list of console commands in Dota 2, based-on Dota 2 (7.21D) GC version 3420 (4873 total convars/concommands). Note: Commands with "Yes" in "Cheat?" column require sv_cheats 1 to be active before working. Listed below is the list of console commands/variables that were added and... This is the end of our brief introduction to network meta-analysis using R. We have described the general idea behind network meta-analysis, the assumptions and some of the caveats associated with it, two different statistical approaches through which network meta-analysis can be conducted, and how they are implemented in R. We do all things currency. With over 23 years of experience in FX solutions and offering a wide range of services, it's important to have a partner you can trust. Steen et al. implement EcoTyper, a machine-learning approach for dissecting cellular heterogeneity in the most common blood cancer, diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL). Forty-four cell states spanning malignant cells and the microenvironment are defined, uncovering a rich landscape of cellular ecosystems that extend beyond traditional DLBCL classifications, revealing new opportunities for ... Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers. Using discrete cell state assignments (Cell State Quantification), we then calculated pairwise Jaccard indices between (1) the state labels discovered de novo in d 2 and (2) the state labels obtained by recovering d 1 states in d 2. Jaccard indices were set to 0 for pairs of states lacking significant overlap (p > 0.05, hypergeometric test).

2021.12.08 19:03 pavloviandogg R package that calculates classic decision consistency indices

I am looking for an R package that calculates classic decision consistency indices like the Po index. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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2021.12.08 19:03 KCR1O few rust clips that are kinda funny

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2021.12.08 19:03 trailer8k Star wars obi wan kenobi is pissed

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2021.12.08 19:03 okayysofie [18f]

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2021.12.08 19:03 SC2312 All dressed up for the holidays ✨

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2021.12.08 19:03 Sophiex96x I (25F) Cannot Trust My (35M) Boyfriend.

TLDR: I read my boyfriend's (Nick) messages because of the way he spoke about a girl from work (He would overly compliment her). He was telling the truth about the girl from work(Laura), but it turns out he had been sending (flirty/sexual) messages to an online woman. I was heartbroken like he had cheated. I confronted him. He apologised, but didn't see the bad in it because in his head she isn't real (lives in a different country) and men are built differently. Men are built to spread the seed where as women were built to find a mate and settle down. So if I did it, it would mean something different. I didn't know how to respond to this. I now can't trust him. I don't trust that nothing happened with Laura because all the messages from before were deleted. I am losing sleep and suffering with panic attacks, I would like some advice on how I can help myself?
I just want to start off by saying that me (25F) and my boyfriend (Nick, 35M) have been dating for almost 2 years, we live together and it's the best relationship I have ever had. Up until a month ago it was perfect, we were madly in love and talking about marriage and kids.
A month ago Nick had told me the girl (Laura,25) he used to work with started messaging him again out of the blue. He said he had to tell me because he believes in transparency. Nick said the messages got flirty so he ghosted her. I didn't believe him because of the way he had spoken about Laura. He has said that she is very pretty, she has attractive qualities, he loves her personality and they get along very well. He has said in the past that if he was single he would sleep with her. He also once said he doesn't know who is prettier out of me and her, he would have to put us in a room to compare. This hurt. Out of "frustration" of me bringing it up to him, he said okay she's prettier than you. I just couldn't trust him. I ended up looking through his messages.
To my surprise he was telling the truth about Laura, but I found some other messages he had been sending. He had been talking to an online woman. His messages to her were telling her she is sexy and that he is a shallow man because her sexy reels make his day. Nick also told her that he is in love with the glimpse of personality she shows. I felt sick, I was/am heartbroken, I genuinely reacted as though he had cheated. Her responses were crude and sexual.
I confronted him about this, he was caught of guard but then told me he shouldn't have done this and he is sorry. He then went onto say that he didn't see it as bad because in his head this woman isn't real (lives in a different country) and because its different for men and women. If I did it I would be cheating and he would leave me. His reasoning for this is that men are built differently to women. Men were built to spread the seed where as women were built to find a mate and settle down. So If I did what he did, it would mean something different. (He says this about alot of things, looking at other women, commenting on other women). Truthfully, I didn't know how to respond to this.
Right now I doubt everything. Everything that's ever happened that was a bit suspicious but I thought nothing of it (because I believed he would never cheat) is now suspicious to me. This Laura that he obviously has this mutual attraction with... I can't get it out of my head that something has happened there. He told me the truth about the messages from when she messaged him out of the blue, but all the messages before that were deleted. My head is just a mess right now.
I would like some advice on who I can talk to about this? I am losing sleep and suffering with panic attacks. I don't have any girl friends to talk to. How can I help myself in this situation? Any advice would be amazing thank you!
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2021.12.08 19:03 Total-Accountant-952 help

i hate to do this but im in need of assistance (financially) for just the next two days. Im an unemployed college student and i have run out of money due to getting my car fixed, school items (scantrons, calculators, etc) and other things. ive tried applying to doordash and uber eats but it takes a few days for them to get back to you. im not asking for much, $10 is enough, so i can have money to buy food for these next couple of days. If yall have any suggestions on what i should do, i would greatly appreciate it! I have cashapp, venmo, & paypal. Anything helps!
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2021.12.08 19:03 Lambreau21 Confirmation BIAS in full effect!

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2021.12.08 19:03 TxLoneRider06 Here’s it in a lodge. Has anyone seen this pattern?

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2021.12.08 19:03 dannyjon_ What's The Killers most non-Christmassy Christmas song?

Be it the instrumentation, melody, lyrics.. etc. Which song(s) would be make great bonus tracks to 'Dont Waste Your Wishes'?
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2021.12.08 19:03 highrez1337 IT freelancer tax calculator

Hi, Thinking of moving to Valencia. I am a freelancer having contracts with US (95k euros salary gross).
I am having a hard time figuring out all the taxes I have to pay. Does someone know any good online calculator?
Based on my research its something like 21% VAT 47% Income tax ( state + region tax) Social security and other expenses
That is 68%+ of my gross paid in taxes … is this correct or am I missing something here ?!
For sure your deductions can’t cover that much.
Do you know about any site of accountants I should reach out ? I am lost and the tax system is very complicated for me to follow
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2021.12.08 19:03 agent_flounder Visa launches crypto consulting services in push for mainstream adoption

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2021.12.08 19:03 DontGoPro Deficit appears much higher than expected?

So I've been tracking for 42 days now and am down 16 pounds, which feels great.
My tracked intake is around 1700 cals (I dont track everything) and my deficit was supposed to be around 900. Calculating backwards from weight lost it's actually around 1300 cals. Looking at my graph the weight loss has been steady. Aside from working out 4x a week I just study and get high so I don't know how I could be using 3000 cals. I'm still hitting weekly PRs at the gym but I'm only 2 months in.
Should I be increasing my intake if I want to be at 900cals deficit or is there some other answer? I'll gladly eat more but I don't feel weak at all.
Info: 6' 26M 250lbs 150g protein 150g carbs 60g fat 1740ish cals
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2021.12.08 19:03 kareree Oh hey mawm, you weren’t going to use these lights for anything were you?

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2021.12.08 19:03 Rodrigonadur Zekrom Raid on meeeee 6898 1212 1147

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2021.12.08 19:03 gman7887 Four players were placed on the COVID-19 list today: —#Chargers WR Mike Williams —#Chargers CB Chris Harris —#Saints RB Mark Ingram —#WFT DE Montez Sweat Two were high-risk close contacts. That means they’re out five days from contact, not from when they’re put on the list.

Four players were placed on the COVID-19 list today: —#Chargers WR Mike Williams —#Chargers CB Chris Harris —#Saints RB Mark Ingram —#WFT DE Montez Sweat Two were high-risk close contacts. That means they’re out five days from contact, not from when they’re put on the list. submitted by gman7887 to Chargers [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 19:03 NblEgl The fgts that mod this community keep deleting my post 🖕ck skng fgts

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2021.12.08 19:03 justsayin305 CHICKEN KILLER and much more,,,,todays RANT summary 🤢

She has “ants in her pants” (ummmm, guess again, that is BV rearing it’s smelly head again 🤷🏻‍♀️), well, it’s starting,,,she froze one of her chickens to death….well froze then Matt manually killed it in a way she won’t describe 😔😳 (but tries to say it was “Ill” and then from froze,,,,nope you froze it), it’s ok bc it was the “downs syndrome chicken that was never quite right” 😳😳😳 (I just can’t, some people are so dumb they will never get how insensitive and stupid they are when saying shit like this), changes the story of the baby chickens she killed on fb live to say the store didn’t want to sell them to her bc they were sick (ummm, no,,,you stopped to grocery shop, left them in the cold car and brought them home to a space without proper heating, you are a CHICKEN KILLER), she stopped “watering her friendships” (🤣🤣🤣your friends and family dropped you like a crazy hot potato,,,bc you are insane and an asshole, not bc you stopped “watering” friendships), your “grandfathered in friend” is Andrea who you used to be bi sexual with and pose naked with (she is better off without your grifting ass and she is not toxic and self absorbed,,,that is you), her description of Andrea is actually her describing herself (unaware, self absorbed, life in a perpetual state of crisis, ‘energy vampire’-(yeah that term she repeats over and over is from her weirdo therapist BFF),,,,this is YOU not her), so she bitches about Andrea not being there for her with her cancer scare then gets oddly quiet when asked about her friend that has breast cancer (pretty sure they friend realized psycho was not her friend and walked away too), describes herself again when she mentions how there must be something wrong with someone when EVERY SINGLE friend and family member abandons you (self reflection is not her strength 🤣🤣), she “doesn’t give two shits about what her ex is doing and doesn’t keep track” (🤣🤣you mention your ex every stream and are still trying to ride his coattails), acts better than everyone for not putting toxic substances like weed into her body (the only reason you supposedly quit was bc Matt is an addict and you do everything to become the person your partner is, this was not some big self reflective journey,,,,so leave your Qanon fans alone), I think she should go back to smoking weed,,,at least she was slightly funny and a million times less angry 🙃, she is mad again that the R word is “offensive to one person” (ummm, again jackass, it’s not offensive to one person it’s offensive to anyone that has more than 3 brain cells 🤬), I swear her missing tooth gap on the bottom is getting bigger 🤢, talks about video games being a waste of time while Matt feverishly plays video games in the background 🤣🤣, why does she do that weird blinking thing when saying she didn’t drink coffee until age 33 🙄(she started drinking it to impress Matt 🤣🤣🤣), shares about her bowel movements 🤢 (thanks for not oversharing 🤣), brings up her laxative tea she used to drink (that’s the same laxative tea she drank at Disney that ended up making her shit herself that she then blamed E. coli on,,,,yet just validating that we have exposed even that lie🤷🏻‍♀️), “yes weed alters your brain” (well kids let this be a lesson,,,,this is what weed turns you into,,,an old, angry, conspiratorialist hack), panders for tips, she wants to team up with Russia to beat china (this girl is pure brilliance 🤣🤣🤣), talks about her republican ladies club and how they are all standing up against the govt (all 5 of your land of the misfit toys mountain women eh?), obsesses over tim pool, still bitching about residuals (DUMB ASS, you don’t make residuals on shitty reality shows…even when you are not a contestant, stop lying), is she serious about those eye brows,,,I’m used to them being like Burt but when she rubs that mascara wand on them to add to them they look like a 70’s woman’s unshaven arm pits 🤢, anyone know the real reason the Avon website is down? No one would take it down purposely 2 weeks before Christmas, lord that lipstick,,,wtf is that color,,,she looks like mimi from drew Carey, gross,,,juggles her bruised white flabby calves for all to see and talks about her friends touching them,,,weird and 🤢🤢, acknowledged she looks old and always has, it kills her that Matt looks so young and she gets confused as his mother or his mother’s friend (when her MIL was in town 😳), gives us her creepy laugh, talks about the renovation happening on her cabin (hmmm, is that where the PPP cash is going?), one last announcement to get people to sign up under Matt’s site for grifting,,,and scene.
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2021.12.08 19:03 AL-RN1985 Facebook Post

Baby nurse here - 35 years at the same hospital. We deliver close to seventeen thousand baby’s a year. I feel like I have a lot of experience in this area as well as have seen the most unusual. I try really hard not to be judgmental with moms and their birth preface and respect their choices. However, I find myself becoming so frustrated and angry when I see Facebook post from moms and dads that totally bash the nurses. For example, this afternoon I read a post from a mom that basically said “the nurse killed my baby”! Baby was born preterm - 24 weeks. Nurse does the 1300 feed with moms breast milk with a new increase in amount. Baby developed NEC and doesn’t survive surgery. First, the nurse doesn’t increase feedings, the doctor and feeding team decide and order the amount. Of course I know this mom has suffer a huge loss and this is so sad and I don’t comment but boy the comments of others in response to her story are just brutal and all aimed at the nursing care. We all know there is so much more to these medical stories and patients pick and choose what the want to believe but I just see red! I know this example is pretty sensitive but it makes nurses look like we’re all incompetent. I have to force myself not to go off on these post. What about others?
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2021.12.08 19:03 HoopyFroodJera Dust Jar... You Okay?

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2021.12.08 19:03 SalFunction12 What is the best thing about yourself?

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2021.12.08 19:03 Mai_Shiranu1 Can't join server

Ever since the most recent maint (Dec. 8) every time I try to enter a server to start playing one of my characters, the game freezes and then crashes to desktop.
I've verified file integrity on steam, scanned files in the bdo launcher, and completely reinstalled the game and it's still crashing after trying to select a server.
Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to fix this?
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2021.12.08 19:03 gavin-exe iraqi pomerania

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2021.12.08 19:03 cschmidt0121 I made a question replacement mod for 1992 arcade game Quiz and Dragons

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2021.12.08 19:03 unrequestedcomment Has anyone taken POLS 299?

I can't find any reviews for the class, which is on political campaigns. Also anything about People and Allen would be helpful.
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