k8afn 7fd8y abr49 k4354 zkn36 nas8r 4in4s 4226z f7222 z9rk5 f8ey2 a93t8 ehfta 2i3kd iya9f 2zfb8 ai7e6 tf6f3 4k987 9ze38 i9si9 Does anyone else get cramps during last week of birth control? |

Does anyone else get cramps during last week of birth control?

2021.12.08 18:12 israelipita Does anyone else get cramps during last week of birth control?

I'm not sure why but I always get some cramping and leg pain/soreness right before I finish a pill pack. I don't know why because my pill is monophasic so there shouldn't be hormone changes. It's not unbearable pain or anything, just strange. I've been on this pill for 4+ years so not like I'm adjusting to it or anything. Wondering if anyone else experiences this.
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2021.12.08 18:12 mariafolina hello everyone! what does any of this mean lol feel free to be completely honest! <3

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2021.12.08 18:12 owsupaaaaaaa rewatch-thought: Janus was cloaked in a Time Jumper, just staring at SG-1 and Maybourne

And then went backwards some arbitrary amount of time, wrote his observations in stone, and left his litter everywhere. Instead of keeping his stuff with him like a normal person.
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2021.12.08 18:12 What_Larks_Pip_ COVID Rant

I work in a fairly small office of about 5 attorneys and 5 support staff. The legal secretaries have a mean girls style clique going on with a leader. I’ve been working here for almost a year and have tried to be friendly with everyone, but I’ve definitely been shut out from the clique for reasons that I assume have to do with my age, my ethnicity, my level of education being higher than the secretaries, my lack of children, and for not coming from a wealthy background. I’ve tried to not let this bother me though, and put my focus on going to work to get simply work done.
Today the ring leader of the clique “whispered” to the others that one of the attorneys has tested positive for Covid. Then she goes around gossiping loudly with another attorney and the new paralegal who has been on the team for less than a month, but no one says anything to me. Then she starts gossiping about an e-mail said attorney sent to another attorney regarding her COVID status.
It’s been half a day already and not a single person has told me anything at all, and I’m in one of the neighboring cubicles, so it wouldn’t take any effort. Administration hasn’t sent any email. I believe there are depositions with other parties going on in the conference room. I’ve told another attorney who is also shut out of the clique for the same reasons as I, and she is pissed off and hasn’t been told anything, either.
I’m just furious and wanted to vent. I took an at home test and I’m negative. But my blood is boiling, and I don’t know what to do.
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2021.12.08 18:12 kindalostanon CS major as a second degree?

I did some googling and saw that acceptance to a second degree depends on the department. Are there any cs majors who are at UMass earning their second degree? I know the major is hugely competitive so I wouldn’t be surprised if the answers no, but figured I’d ask
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2021.12.08 18:12 Mermoandi Portrait/rendition of Viktor by me

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2021.12.08 18:12 twt4asher Confidence + Beauty.

I genuinely believe that my confidence and my beauty have both boosted by a thousand percent ever since I started using the playlist I made mid-december. I'm not even joking - my Snapchat "My Eyes Only" is absolutely FILLED to the brim with pictures of myself, It's like I genuinely can not get enough of myself. 😭 I have never felt more confident, although I do feel insecure at times, I genuinely feel like I've glown up, my best friend (who mind you is genuinely the most gorgeous person ever she literally has 5 boys asking her out per week, she's loyal and she loves her boyfriend very much though) has even commented on the fact I have glown up ever since I came back as I took 3 weeks off school due to person reasons so she thought I changed alot.
A two-faced cunt who I used to consider my friend even commented on how I looked so different and how my hair looks softer, silkier and more defined whether I leave it in it's natural look (3a) or whether I straighten it. My crush even admitted to me through text how he wanted to speak to me at school so much throughout the past week but was too nervous too because he felt like I was purposely avoiding him. My confidence is soo high and I can not stop looking at myself and my face shape, eyelashes and lips - EVERYTHING - look sooo good 😭 Mind you, I'm 15, and I started my period at the age of 9 just turning 10, I doubt this was due to puberty and this has all occurred within the past 2 weeks (I listened to the subliminals from 5th November up until the 29th of November and went back to School last Monday after some time off). I feel so good overall, here are the subliminals! :)
https://youtu.be/I_-HNudsCjY https://youtu.be/OoE_PKkFoVU https://youtu.be/BGTjaejeqLI https://youtu.be/Wb7sbmIBFkk https://youtu.be/bZteIpVIn0w https://youtu.be/3HYGehV_54I https://youtu.be/fFlJmLGpGHQ https://youtu.be/8I1AHboowKI https://youtu.be/RlxcAYfaUVE
I only used those ones btw !!
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2021.12.08 18:12 Arevar donor choice

I (30f) discussed my plans of becoming a single parent by choice with my family. My family are completely okay with it and happy for me, as expected, since I myself am the child of a single mother by choice.
Recently during a family get together my aunts (who are very excited about a future baby) talked to me about sperm donor choices and one of them suggested I should pick a black or Asian donor. The other immediately agreed. I have looked at donor profiles, but really only Caucasian ones.
I am not against using sperm from a donor of a different race in principle, but my reasoning is that:

  1. The baby/kid should look like my family, so they don't feel like they are different/ so they feel like they belong with the rest of the family (all northern European, Caucasian).
  2. They will be missing out on their donor's culture growing up (I know I could educate them on where their donor comes from, the culture etc. but I doubt it would be enough).
  3. I am afraid they will encounter racism and might struggle with their identity if they are a mixed race person.
  4. There are few non-Caucasian donor profiles and POC might want to choose a donor of their own race.
  5. I think I will get a lot of questions and some disapproval on my choice if I choose a POC donor.
My aunts and grandma don't think these are very valid concerns. I am not entirely sure and would like to have your input. Is it racist to ignore POC profiles? Would you personally choose a donor of you own race? or would it not matter?
Lastly, I just want to make clear that I am totally happy with the possibility of choosing a POC donor, but have not looked at any for the reasons above. I will change my search if people here agree I should.
TLDR: Should I include POC in my donor search or will being the only mixed race kid in the family probably mess with their sense of belonging/identity?
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2021.12.08 18:12 itsahippie Apple TV Renewing Shows

So I’ve noticed a few shows have recently been renewed does anyone thing we may get an announcement imminently? I know know a commenter on here said they think they may draw it out and then make a decision (possibly in the negative) after awards.
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2021.12.08 18:12 denfild911 pendant celtic fox. made of natural paduk wood. what do you think?

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2021.12.08 18:12 shufflemania537 Vet Recommendations?

Dog guardians where do you recommend for veterinary care?
I go to Uni Pet in SJ, while they're reasonably priced and have a nice system going on, I found them of cold and "my or the highway" type. They cancelled my prescription without any notification - even after I called them to give a heads up.
I also went to Aborn and maybe it was because of COVID but the vet felt like he was over it.
That being said, anyone recommend a vet clinic that is reasonably priced and actually cares? I'm a first time fur owner so informative places would be the best!
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2021.12.08 18:12 bob_the_builder2009 my discord for my clan

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2021.12.08 18:12 chelledees I moved into a remote cabin in the woods. It might not’ve been the best decision.

Work was too stressful, too demanding. I could feel myself breaking and the sounds of the city became too much to bear. I was applying for online jobs left and right because I just couldn’t deal with people anymore. I remember wishing I could just get away from it all. My dad told me numerous times I could move back home but in my mind that felt too much like failure.
One day things seemed to suddenly align. I got an email from an internet company saying they’d love to have me as an online technician seeing how I had experience and I also got an email from one of the real estate websites I’d been on about a cabin for sale.
It was three hours away, but it looked perfect. It was just me and my cat, Biscuits, and we didn’t need a lot of space. It was two bedrooms, two bathrooms and the owner only wanted $25,000. Maybe that should’ve been my sign, but I was desperate to get away. It was remote but not so remote that you couldn’t get internet or cable. It was also fully furnished. I called the number provided immediately.
“Hello,” the owner answered. “Um. Hi. Are you the one with the cabin for sale?,” I asked eagerly. “Yes, this is Matt Whitley. I’m selling the cabin. Do you want it?,” he asked. At the time I hadn’t noticed the desperation in his voice. “I really do. How soon could I move in?,” I asked. “As soon as you like. I’m not living there currently,” he said. “Well should we meet somewhere to sign paperwork or anything?,” I asked. “Ma’am you could bring all your things and move in now if you want. I’ll meet you there with the paperwork as long as you’ve got the money,” he said.
I assumed I was the only one who’d called about the place and that was why Matt was so ready to sell, but either way I jumped on the deal. “I think I can have all my affairs in order and my things packed up by the end of the week. Is that alright?,” I asked. “That’s great. I’ll see you Sunday then Miss… Um well I don’t even know your name,” he said. “It’s Kelly. Kelly Dumont,” I replied. “Well, see you then Miss Dumont,” he replied before hanging up.
The move wouldn’t be hard. I had a 4 Runner so most of my things would fit in it. All of the furniture in my apartment came with so I couldn’t take it, but that wasn’t an issue.
I had gotten the email about the cabin Monday so Tuesday I let my boss know I’d be quitting at the end of the week. He begged me to stay, said some things about how valuable I was, but I told him I couldn’t handle the stress. The week flew by after that.
Throughout the week I packed things as I could. Early Sunday morning I loaded the last few items I needed and Biscuits and his things in my car and we hit the road. The trip was pleasant. I stopped twice for restroom breaks for Biscuits and me and went through the drive through at McDonald’s for myself around 11:30. By 12:30 p.m. I reached the cabin.
It was a good way off the road and when I pulled up to it who I assumed was Matt was waiting for me in a blue pickup truck. When he realized I was here, he got out and stood outside his truck. He was tall and lanky with sharp features, glasses, and sandy brown hair. I could see he had a folder in his hand.
I got out, Biscuits carrier in hand, and he greeted me. I hadn’t noticed from my car how tired he looked. “You must be Kelly,” he said extending a hand to me. “That’s me. And you’re Matt?,” I asked. “Yes ma’am. I’ve got all the paperwork. Is that a cat?,” he asked. “Yeah this is Biscuits. Actually before I sign that and all do you mind if I take him inside? He’s been cramped in here most of the ride,” I asked
“Uh sure. Here’s the key. I’ll just wait out here,” he said. Part of me had wanted to ask for help bringing Biscuits in so I could also grab his litter box, food, and his bowls but Matt seemed uncomfortable so I didn’t bother. I first took Biscuits in then went back for his things. When I let him out of his carrier he promptly went and hit under the bed. I chalked it up to him being in a new place since he was never a skittish cat.
“Alrighty. Sorry about that. I just felt bad about keeping him in there. He’s never been on a trip this long,” I said. “That’s fine. Here’s the paperwork. I think you’ll find everything is in order,” he said. I checked it out, and then signed it before handing him the check I was using to buy the house and apparently four acres of surrounding land.
“I didn’t realize I’d be getting a good bit of land too. It’s really a steal,” I said. “Well, it’s all yours now. I hate to make it short but my wife is waiting at home. She’s pregnant and hasn’t been feeling well lately,” he said. “Aw I hate to hear that. If either of you need anything you know where to find me,” I told him. “Trust me, Kelly, by taking this property off our hands you’ve done more than you know,” he replied before getting in his truck.
The comment stuck me as odd but maybe they were simply trying to get it off of their hands before the baby came. One less thing to worry about. In the meantime, I started moving all of my things into the house. It took some time and before I knew it, it was 4:30.
Before moving to the cabin I’d done a bit of research. The closest grocery store was about ten minutes away in the actual town. It was a very small town called, Parsons. From the pictures I’d seen online it looked very quaint.
“Alright Biscuits, I’m going into town. I won’t be long,” I said before closing and locking the door. He still hadn’t come from under the bed, but while at the store I planned on buying him these salmon flavored treats he liked to coax him out.
The store was called Jitney Jungle and I’d never seen one before in the city. When I went inside it looked like it would have everything I needed though at least. The closest Walmart was forty five minutes away and I didn’t feel like making that trip today.
I went ahead and bought myself a week’s worth of groceries along with other odds and ends, and the treats for Biscuits of course. The store seemed to employ most of the town’s teenagers. A girl who’s name tag read Courtney began ringing up my grocery’s while a boy named Tyler bagged them.
“You’re new in town, huh?,” she asked. “Brand new,” I replied. “That’s cool,” Tyler replied. “For sure. Always nice to have a new neighbor. Where you living? I know a few houses have been for sale here lately. Several folks wanting to move to the city for work or like the beach or something to retire,” Courtney said. “I’d rather die than live in the city,” Tyler added.
They were awfully chatty for two teenagers but I assumed just curious. Not likely that much happened in Parsons. “I actually moved here from the city. I was tired of all the noise. I just moved into this little cabin on the edge of town,” I said. They both exchanged a glance. “Not Matt Whitley’s old place?,” Courtney asked.
“Yeah it is actually,” I said. “I wouldn’t wanna live there either,” Tyler said. “Why not? It’s a nice little cabin,” I asked, genuinely confused. “Now, stop Tyler. You know that’s all rumors and like urban legend stuff,” Courtney said. “Yeah I guess,” he said with a shrug. “You enjoy your new house and don’t worry about nothing. That’ll be $85.50,” she said.
Tyler carried my groceries out for me, putting them into the back of my 4 Runner. I tipped him, and before he went back into the store he told me, “Look ma’am I’m not trying to scare you and Courtney could be totally right, but from what I’ve heard some weird stuff has happened in that cabin, so just be careful.” “What kind of weird stuff?,” I asked against my better judgement. “People seeing ghosts, going crazy, murders happening there, things like that,” he replied before walking off.
What a great bit of information to learn about my new home. “It’s a small town. They’ve got to have something exciting to talk about. I mean in the city we had a house with the same rumors and it never actually amounted to anything. It’s just something to talk about,” I rationalized to myself on the drive home.
When I got home I got Biscuits from under the bed with the treats and showed him around the place. “See buddy, nothing to worry about” I told him while he purred in my arms. I sat him on the couch while I warmed up a can of beef stew for myself. Something savory, and quick.
After eating I was so tired, I went straight to bed. My room was at the back of the house. One of the walls was glass from top to bottom, giving me a nice view of the surrounding forest. As I drifted off to sleep it began to rain.
My second day in the house I’d nearly forgotten all about what Tyler had said about my cabin. I kept myself busy. First I called about getting internet. I chose the company I’d be working for, of course, and luckily being an employee meant you could get priority installment. The installation tech would be there first thing tomorrow.
After making that call I made myself some coffee and breakfast, which also gave me the opportunity to put my dishes and cookware where I wanted.
In the middle of my second cup of coffee, there was a knock at my door. I wasn’t expecting anyone, but when I opened the door I was met by a woman with wavy blond hair and bright green eyes behind wire rimmed glasses. She looked like the adult version of the girl, Courtney, that I’d met at Jitney Jungle.
“Hi! I’m Celeste Rodgers, Courtney’s mom. She told me we had a new neighbor, so I thought I’d be neighborly and bring this chocolate pie over. I do hope you like chocolate,” she said holding out the pie. “I love chocolate, thank you. This is very kind of you. I’m Kelly Dumont. Would you like to come in?,” I asked. “Sure! I can visit for a few,” she said.
Her not being reluctant about coming inside made me feel good, considering what I’d been told about the house. “Would you like some coffee?,” I asked as she sat at the island bar. “I’d love some, thanks,” she said.
“So we’re neighbors?,” I asked. “I’m the closest neighbor you have anyway. I’m about two miles up the road. This place is much nicer than I expected. I’ve never been inside before. We vacationed a lot over the summer and never got the chance to meet Matt and Nicole,” she said. “I’ve only met him but he said that his wife was pregnant and not feeling well lately. Hopefully she’s feeling better,” I replied.
“I don’t know how much better she could feel considering what happened,” said Celeste while sipping her coffee. “What do you mean?, I asked. “Oh honey, he didn’t tell you why they sold the house? Everyone around here knows,” she said. I stared at her blankly.
“Well it’s terrible really but you have the right to know since you’re living here now. Nicole wanted to move here when she found out she was pregnant to be closer to her parents. This was the first place they found and Nicole was about six months pregnant. Anyway rumor has it not long after they moved in Matt started seeing his father, which was not good in the least,” she said. “Why? What’s wrong with his father?” I asked curiously.
Celeste looked over the top of her glasses and said, “Well any time you see someone who’s dead, that’s not a good thing. The story with that is when Matt was around eight his mother was pregnant with his little brother. It’s not really known why but one day his father comes home and kills his pregnant mother. Of course, this also killed the baby. Then he kills himself. I would say it was simply luck that Matt was at a friend’s but I mean how lucky is it having your entire family die in one day, you know what I mean?,” she asked rhetorically.
I nodded somberly. “Well apparently two weeks after moving in he starts seeing his dad. Then his dad starts trying to coax him into killing Nicole and the baby. She had to call the police one day because he was in the laundry room with a rifle sobbing and talking about he didn’t want to do it and to leave him alone. They’d only lived here about two weeks. That night she left and he was taken into a nearby mental institution for evaluation. Since getting out of this house, though, he’s been totally fine,” she finished.
“And they’re back together now?,” I asked incredulously. “They’re still married but living separately. She’s terrified and I mean who wouldn’t be? She’s staying with her parents and he’s bought “them” a new house he’s staying in. I don’t think she will go back to him after all of that,” she replied. “Don’t say I blame her. It’s kind of crazy to blame homicidal ideation on a house,” I said with a nervous laugh.
“Well that’s not the first odd thing that’s happened here but I’m not one to buy into tall tales. I think just a lot of troubled people have lived here and it’s given the house a bad rep,” she said. “Yeah I’m sure you’re right,” I replied.
After that we made small talk. Apparently she was a stay at home mom of four, two girls and two boys. Her husband owned the Jitney Jungle. I told her about my new job and why I moved to Parsons. By the time she left it was lunchtime.
I made myself a grilled chicken salad and relaxed a bit. The place was starting to look more “me” as I added my things to it. I finally started to feel happy with my new home. Celeste was right I’m about the house and decided to think no more of the strange events that lead the Whitleys to sell it.
That night I decided on an early night. The move had thoroughly exhausted me. I showered around then went straight to bed. It didn’t take long at all for me to fall asleep. It was some of the best sleep I’d had in a long time until around three a.m. I woke up to Biscuits hissing loudly over by the windowed wall hairs standing all over his body. Biscuits was a chill cat just to let it be known. He’d never behaved this way since I got him when he was just a kitten. I sat up and called to him but he only stood there, hissing, becoming more upset. I couldn’t see anything on the other side of the window so I didn’t understand. “Hey what’s wrong?” I asked as I went over to him.
When I tried to touch him he whipped around and bit my hand so hard that it left puncture marks. “Biscuits what the hell?,” I shrieked with tears in my eyes. He ran under the bed still growling. I went to my bathroom and found some peroxide, antibiotic cream, and bandage wrap to tend to my hand. When I was done I went back to the windowed wall and took a second look. I still saw nothing.
After all of that excitement I couldn’t go back to sleep so I decided to make myself some tea. I grabbed my housecoat and headed to the kitchen. I gingerly put the kettle on, minding my hand. I still couldn’t believe Biscuits bit me. While waiting for my tea to boil, I thought I’d heard soft knocking on the door.
“No, surely not,” I mumbled. The kettle began to whistle. I fixed my cup of tea then sat at the bar. I picked up my cup and then I heard the soft knocking again. “Who even…” I start when the soft knocking began to get louder, before turning into full blown banging. My teacup went crashing to the floor.
The banging began to rattle the whole door. I made my way over to the door to look through the peephole. I touched the knob, bracing myself, when the banging stopping. I thought I heard crying. With my breath coming in short rasps, I looked through the peephole to see no one was there.
I thought of calling someone. Maybe my dad or even Celeste who had exchanged numbers with me before leaving yesterday. “Just in case you ever need anything since I’m right up the road,” she had said. But it was 3:30a.m. and what would I say? Someone was banging on my door and then they weren’t? I know my dad, he’d want to make the trip to come check things out, and I’m sure Celeste would either think I was crazy or tell me to call the police.
The whole ordeal made me feel crazy. “I’m just spooked after what happened with Biscuits,” I told myself. I couldn’t explain the banging on the door though. I went around the house making sure each door and window were locked before curling up on the couch. I put on some home design show and tried to pay attention.
I must’ve dozed off sometime because I woke up to knocking on my door, which unsurprisingly scared the crap out of me. I went to look and this time I found the internet tech waiting for me. I wrapped my housecoat around me tightly before letting him in.
“Good morning. I’m Jeff and I’m here to install some wifi for you,” he said cheerily. “Hello. I hope you weren’t knocking long. I had my sleep disrupted last night and I’m not sure when I dozed back off,” I told him with a yawn. “Oh that’s no good. I wasn’t knocking long at all though so don’t worry ma’am,” he replied. “You can call me Kelly. I’m about to put the coffee pot on Jeff then change real quick. Help yourself to the coffee if you’d like some,” I said before heading to my room.
I first went to use the bathroom. When I went to the sink to wash my hands and saw myself in the mirror I looked like hell. I washed my face up, brushed my teeth and hair and that helped a little. Didn’t hide the dark circles under my eyes though but I couldn’t be bothered with makeup right then. I changed my bandaging then realized I needed more wrap so after Jeff left I’d have to head back to the Jitney Jungle.
I threw on a t-shirt, hoodie, and some sweatpants along with my wooly socks. I had quite the chill that morning. I checked under my bed to see Biscuits was still there. “Are you alright buddy?,” I asked. He meowed softly but wouldn’t come to me.
His behavior was concerning so I decided to look up veterinarians in the area while I had my coffee. I checked and there was one local vet, Dr. Martin, and more in the town over. I decided to text Celeste and ask her opinion her being local and all.
“Dr. Martin is the best veterinarian in the surrounding area so you can’t go wrong trying to get an appointment with him,” she replied promptly. I told her thanks and called his office. “Parsons Animal Clinic may I help you?,” the receptionist answered. I told her the situation and she let me know it was likely stress from the move but it wouldn’t hurt to have him checked out. I made an appointment for 4:30 that afternoon.
I sipped my coffee and resigned that I’d do much of nothing the rest of the day until having to go the the vet and the store. I was so exhausted that I’d really like to still be sleeping but that would have to wait too. I was glad I wouldn’t be starting my new job until the next week.
I sat there wrecking my brain about what had happened in the early hours of the morning. What had set Biscuits off like that? Who was banging on my door? Was it all a dream? The bite marks on my hand determined that it was real. It was eerie and it was making me feel unsure of myself.
I decided on a few pieces of butter sugar toast for breakfast and offered some to Jeff while he worked. “No thank you Miss Kelly. I grabbed a bite on the way over here. Wouldn’t mind some of that coffee though, black” he said. I brought him a cup and he noticed my bandaged hand. “What happened there?,” he asked.
“Oh… um well my cat bit me pretty badly last night. That’s what woke me in the middle of the night. He was standing by that windowed wall back there hissing and growling. When I tried to touch him he snapped at me, which has never happened before. He’s still hiding under my bed. I have him a checkup at the vet scheduled later just to make sure he’s alright,” I said.
“Ah. You just moved here right?,” he asked. “Yeah, from the city,” I said. “He probably saw something out there he’s not used to. Maybe a deer or even a bobcat, and it just spooked him. A checkup doesn’t hurt at all, of course, just trying to be optimistic, you know?,” he said. “Yeah I’m doing the same. It’s just startling because he’s never behaved this way before,” I said. Well hopefully everything checks out at the vet and he will be alright,” Jeff replied. “Thanks,” I told him.
He was working in the spare room which would be my office. I assume Matt and his wife had intended it to be their baby’s room since it was the only room in the house left barren. I had office furniture on the way that would be there by the end of the week for it, along with a new laptop. Mine conveniently stopped working right before I moved.
By lunchtime Jeff was done and on his way. It was nice to have some Wi-Fi now thought because it made my phone work much faster. Soon after connecting I got a FaceTime call from my dad. It was nice seeing a familiar, friendly face.
“Hey girlie. I’ve been trying to call you,” he said. “I’m sorry, Dad. The service out here at the cabin isn’t the greatest. I just got my Wi-Fi hooked up. When I go to Walmart this weekend for the rest of my office supplies, I’m going to get one of those cheap home phone plans. I’ll need it for work anyway but it will be easier for you to get in touch as well,” I told him. “That will be good. So how’s the move been?,” he asked.
I gave him a virtual tour of the house then filled him in on everything. Since I was young my dad had been my best friend. My mom wasn’t always the best mother and quite unstable. When they split up he tried to get custody of me but was unable to until after she passed away when I was six.
“Are you sure you’re comfortable living there, Kelly? Sounds like a creepy place honestly, and you should’ve called the police,” he said. “I think it’ll be fine Dad. I didn’t want to call them with the houses history and all. I didn’t want to come across… unstable,” I told him. “Well you know you can always come home if need be. I know you’re a 26 year old adult, but there’s no shame in coming home if you need to or even if you just want to,” he said. “I appreciate that, Dad,” I said.
Dad owned his own small construction company and chatted with me through his lunch break. Although he was the boss he was very hands on. When we finished our call I ate a sandwich for lunch then checked my emails. My office furniture has been shipped and was on the way thankfully.
Around three I decided to start trying to get Biscuits from under the bed. I brought the carrier to the edge of the bed and he ran right into it. “Good boy, Biscuits,” I told him. I carefully filled the food tray with some cat chow and water, which he didn’t touch until I carefully loaded him in my car.
I decided to stop at Jitney Jungle before his appointment since it was on my way to the vet’s office. It was a cool day so Biscuits would be ok in the car with the windows cracked. He seemed more content than he had been all week anyway. He was in his carrier purring.
I grabbed the bandage wrap and on the way to the front some Cheez-Its and strawberry watermelon Body Armor caught my eye so I grabbed those too. Courtney and Tyler were both working again that afternoon.
“What happened to your hand?,” Courtney asked, eyebrows furrowed. “Ah, my cat got spooked the other night and bit me. I’ve got him in my car now actually to take him to Dr. Martin for a checkup. He’s been behaving strangely,” I said. “Hmm..,” Tyler mumbled. “Well you get well soon Ms. Dumont,” Courtney said while handing me my change. “Thanks,” I replied.
The vet visit went as expected. Biscuits was perfectly healthy though a little dehydrated from hiding under the bed so long. Dr. Martin was very nice and told me to just give Biscuits a little time to adjust to his new home.
When we got back home, my front door was wide open. This time I called the police, because no one could deny the door was open when it should be closed. I locked it. I know I did.
Within five minutes of me calling the sheriff’s station a car pulled up. I had sat there the whole time with my doors locked on my car, watching, trying to see if I saw anyone inside the house, but I didn’t. I nearly jumped out of my skin when the police officer tapped on my window.
“Miss Dumont, I’m officer Thomas Waites and this is my partner Derek Robbins. What’s going on here?,” he asked calmly. “Well I left to go into town. My cat, Biscuits, he’s been acting strangely. He bit me, see,” I said, holding up my hand. “I went to the Jitney Jungle for more bandage wrap then took him to Dr. Martin’s for a checkup. I swear before I left my house i not only closed, but locked my front door, and when we pulled up it was like that” I finished, pointing to the door.
“Alright then, Miss Dumont. You roll the window back up and keep your doors locked while we go inside to have a look around, alright?,” he said assuringly. I nodded before sitting there watching them go in my house with their guns drawn.
“Maybe moving here was a mistake,” I said to myself with a sigh. Biscuits let out a forlorn meow that only made me feel worse. Soon the officers came out with their guns holstered. They had no one else with them.
When they approached I rolled my window down. “Miss Dumont we checked everywhere but there’s no one in there. It’s safe to go inside if you like. Has anything else like this happened while you’ve been here?,” asked Officer Waites.
“Well… I didn’t want to call before with the house’s history and all. I didn’t want to come across… Well anyway, early this morning I woke up to my cat growling at the windowed wall. That’s when he bit me. After I cleaned my hand up I was pretty unsettled so I got up to make myself some tea. Not much later, someone was banging on my door pretty violently,” I said. Just recounting the details gave me chills.
“Miss Dumont, regardless of the house’s history we take the safety of our citizens seriously in Parsons and we respect people’s privacy. Officer Robbins and I aren’t going to go around town talking about how we came out here for a B and E but nothing turned up so that Dumont lady must be crazy. This is serious and not to scare you but it sounds like you may have a stalker. You have any enemies?,” he asked.
“I wouldn’t say so. I kept to myself in the city. Did my job then went home, had very few friends. The only ex I ever had died in a car accident on the way to our rehearsal dinner,” I told him. Losing William wasn’t something I usually spoke about but I knew they’d ask about ex’s if I didn’t mention any plus I didn’t feel myself as is.
“Alright, Miss Dumont. If you have any more of these disturbances please don’t hesitate call the sheriff’s department again,” Officer Robbins said. I thanked them both before they headed off.
I didn’t feel any better about the situation after they left but I decided that tonight I’d go in then in the morning I’d sort out what I wanted to do. Maybe an alarm system would bring me comfort. I wasn’t sure.
I was so exhausted after everything that had happened that day I went straight to bed. Everything else could wait till morning. Surprisingly Biscuits curled up next to me like he used to when we lived in the city. It was really nice. I gently petted him until I drifted off to sleep.
At some point in the night I awoke to an odd sound. I was so tired that when it woke me, I felt confused. Biscuits had gotten under the cover but he was still beside me. As my senses came about I heard thunder clap loudly, shaking the cabin as rain pelted against the windowed wall. Then I realized it sounded like something wet moving around on the floor.
My heart was pounding. I looked to my right and saw watery footprints. When I turned to my left lightning flashed, illuminating the entire room. What I saw took my breath away.
There stood my mother dripping with water from head to toe. “You’re not… you’re dead!,” I shouted hysterically. “I miss you Kelly. Come with me,” she said. She sounded as if she was under water. “No!,” I screamed.
I grabbed Biscuits and ran wildly from the cabin, only stopping briefly to grab my keys. I went out into the storm without a coat or even shoes, and hopped in my car. Biscuits went and hid under the back seat. I shouldn’t have been driving seeing that I was in full hysterics. I hadn’t even grabbed my phone and I didn’t know where I was going.
Before it was over I ended up in the Jitney Jungle parking lot. I couldn’t stop shaking from the cold and from the fear. At some point I must’ve passed out because I awoke to Celeste banging on my window.
I rolled it down and she immediately began fussing over me. “Oh my God, Kelly. I thought you were dead in there. I was so scared. What are you doing here?,” she said frantically. I shook my head. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” I said.
“Let me take you home at least,” she said. “No! I can’t go back there!,” I stammered. She fussed and fussed and insisted until I let her take Biscuits and me back to her place after that. I was chilled to the bone from getting wet the night before then sleeping in my car.
“Everything will be okay. When we get there I’ll get you some clothes and you can have a hot shower. I take up collections for the local charity shop. I have all size clothes laying around because of that. I’ve been meaning to take them but haven’t yet so there will be something for you and it’s brand new. I’ll make you some hot tea too,” she said.
What she was saying was all running together. It was all very kind but I was already feeling sickly from what I’ve been through. When we got there she immediately got me some clothes and ushered me to the bathroom. She took Biscuits to get him something to eat. They had a cat also, Nessa, that Biscuits got along with surprisingly well.
The shower felt amazing but every little sound put me on edge, so I hurriedly got done. The sweatsuit and fuzzy socks Celeste gave me kept me warm as I exited the bathroom.
“That better?,” Celeste asked. I nodded. She motioned for me to sit at the bar as she poured me a cup of hot tea. “You want to talk about it now?,” she asked. “I guess,” I replied.
She waited patiently. “You’re going to think I’m insane, just like Matt,” I told her. “I’m not here to judge you. Clearly you’ve been through an ordeal, Kelly,” she said. “That’s a nice picture,” I said noticing a picture of her family on the fridge.
She took it down. “That’s my husband, Conrad. You’ve met Courtney. She’s our oldest. These are our twin sons Carson and Caleb. They’re fourteen. This is little Caroline. She was a sweet surprise and is three. Her daddy took her this morning after we saw you at the store,” she said.
“Last night I saw my mother in the cabin. Woke up to her standing in front of the windowed wall,” I said. “Did she break in? Or did she have a key and come in and give you a fright?,” she asked.
“You don’t understand. My mother died when I was six. She flung herself into the sea while I was sleeping one night. She was always really unstable and depressed. My father tried to get me when they divorced but you know most judges won’t take a child from their mother. We lived in the costal town that I don’t even remember the name of but she kept the lighthouse. It was up on a cliff above the sea. She put me to bed that night, and was more loving than I ever remember her being. When I woke up the next morning I couldn’t find her so I called my dad. He found the note,” I said.
“So she’s dead… but you saw her last night?,” Celeste asked. “I know how it sounds. She said she missed me and asked me to come with her. I know you said you didn’t believe but there’s something wrong with that cabin. I can’t go back. I need to call my dad to come get me,” I told her.
“Well, I don’t think you’re insane, Kelly. I don’t think you’d make something like this up. From the moment we met I’ve considered you a reasonable person and a good person too,” she said. “Thanks, that means a lot,” I replied. “You can stay in the guest room until you get things sorted. I have more clothes…Courtney why are you lurking around?,” she asked suddenly.
“Sorry I couldn’t help but hear what you were talking about and I think I know why that cabin has.. issues,” Courtney said. “What on earth are your talking about?,” Celeste asked her. “Well I assumed you’d heard the story about the original owners of the place right, Mom?,” she asked. “No, I can’t say that I have Courtney. This town has loads of history but I’ve never thought to seek out any about that place,”she replied.
At this point I was all ears. “Well it’s rumored like forever ago when the town was first founded there was this man, Joseph something or another, that was this huuuuge occultist and he lived on the same land that cabin is on. It started out with him doing seances for the towns people. They really believed in him. Like he started to gain followers when things took a dark turn. Devil worship, demons, sacrifices, all of that. You know way back when people were highly religious so they went and gathered up Joseph and all his followers. They burned them on stakes out there on that land. It’s said even as he burned Joseph laughed wickedly. Ever since then anyone who’s lived on that land has had experiences, some of which lead to the deaths of themselves or others. The rumor behind that is that Joseph cursed the land and he’s still taking sacrifices for Satan or whatever,” she finished.
“Where on earth did you hear that?,” Celeste asked. “Tyler. Supposedly he’s a direct descendant of this Joseph but he doesn’t going around telling everyone,” she said with a shrug.
“It kind of makes sense in a twisted way. I can’t let anyone else live there. I think I’ll bulldoze the cabin and just fence off the land. I can’t let this keep happening,” I said.
And that’s exactly what I ended up doing. Celeste kindly let me and Biscuits stay with her family until the next day when my dad could come collect us. He helped me pack quickly and his construction company dealt with the demolition and putting a fence around the property line.
I took up my dad’s offer and moved in with him. It was much more peaceful than my short time in the cabin. I was able to start my new job soon after moving in as well and very much enjoyed it. My life finally felt like it was getting back to normal and I was so thankful for that.
Celeste and I stayed in touch after I moved. After reflecting on what happened, we theorized that the cabin and the land attracted people who had experienced great personal tragedy, leading them to be more susceptible to the “curse” attached to the place.
The normalcy didn’t really last. Although I’d escaped the cabin, I still had nightmares about that night my mother came to me, and I get strong urges to go back to the land. For the time being I’ve been able to ignore those urges, but it truly does call to me. In the middle of the night when I’m lying in the safety of my bed, in my dad’s house, I hear a man’s voice whispering…. Then slowly raising into hysterical laughter.
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2021.12.08 18:12 CourageToBeKind DARVO email response question

Question for those of you who are familiar with dealing with DARVO response: what do you do when they try to manipulate the narrative? Background: I sent our son's BD factual info about concerns I had over issues related to our child being subjected to disparagement and over a month later BD replies with a DARVO response where he minimizes my concerns, denies having done or said anything and blame-shifts everything onto our child and I. I'm trying to figure out how to respond, I want to engage as little as possible with his BS, but I do want to correct the record in case the email is ever used for court.. do I be blunt and just call him out for the DARVO behavior?
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2021.12.08 18:12 paralixes Anyone notice that vanguard guns have less aim assist or something like suddenly the settings I always use in close quarters combat it is just super fast and all over the place and I move it the tiniest bit and it overcompensates by a lot

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Sorare Alert é un bot su Discord che può esservi utile nella ricerca di giocatori a prezzi scontati, per scoprire come funziona GUARDA QUESTO VIDEO: https://youtu.be/AmHrDiEK4gY
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2021.12.08 18:12 glasses_the_loc If you can wait a year you can wait 23 more days. No need to be petulant. But there is good reason to expect an announcement soon.

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2021.12.08 18:12 Life_Eye1738 Does reading others sex stories count as P

Probably know the answer to this one. I found myself reading stories of others' kinks and experiences and found that to be incredibly arousing. Never masturbated or anything to it but I feel that's P too. Stopped doing that but curious what others think. Onto my 6th full week of no PMO except for one O through a girl. Stay strong friends. I am also using this time to cure my phimosis using rings if y'all know what that is.
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2021.12.08 18:12 arad-xarmy دختر بودن یعنی نعمت . تماااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااام

دختر بودن یعنی نعمت . تماااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااام submitted by arad-xarmy to Qdpay [link] [comments]

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2021.12.08 18:12 IndependentGoodman I don’t think Howard will die, personally. (Theory)

I just think some really bad shits gonna happen to him via Kim’s deranged “career set back”. My reasoning is that Chuck’s suicide feels like enough, Howard committing suicide would feel redundant, it’s not totally unbelievable that someone who has gone through as much him and someone who has also been exposed to the idea in such a devastating way to follow suit, it SOUNDS likely. However I think whatever will happen will mostly be centered tying everything from Gus’ war to Jimmy’s relationship with Kim in unforeseen ways. Remember Kim has not met Nacho or Mike even yet, and while it’s likely he could get caught in the middle of the fire, I don’t think that’ll be his conclusion.
Also, death is not something I would personally like to see overused in the grand scheme of the show, this show separated itself from Breaking Bad as an extension of the universe by not going overboard with killing.
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2021.12.08 18:12 60SecDocs The Bug Man of Hollywood

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2021.12.08 18:12 TheHolyB [Psn] [H] credit offers [W] Hot rod boost unpainted, pink, cobalt, black, burnt sienna

If you have any of these let me know, thanks!
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