New Ventures with "Blockchain, NFTs and Web 3.0"...enough said.

2021.12.08 19:05 matthegc New Ventures with "Blockchain, NFTs and Web 3.0"...enough said.

tits permanently jacked...that was as good as an announcement for me.
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2021.12.08 19:05 Odilant Marvel Super Heroes, first pixel art game that blew my mind as kid 😍

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2021.12.08 19:05 rojozproduction Freestyle Boom Bap Beat |"Old Soul"|Boom Bap Beat | Rap Instrumental |

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2021.12.08 19:05 r-CFB2 Original Japanese Super Smash Bros 64 website (Last updated 1999)

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2021.12.08 19:05 slaythernator plenty of blood in infinite

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2021.12.08 19:05 coolguy4769 What to Read After Columbo?

Just got into the series and dont know how I loved without it! I was wondering if anyone has any reccomendations for books similar in tone or character to Columbo? I know there are a series of standalone Columbo novels but I'm looking for something original that retains the charm, humor and comfyness of the series. If you have any reccomendations let me have em! The deeper the cut the better!
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2021.12.08 19:05 Hapalua_ Target Compile Definition

I saw target_compile_definitions and target_compile_options in a CMake book. I know properties but i couldn't get why don't we using properties instead of these commands?
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2021.12.08 19:05 tommyk1210 Laser printer for envelopes/thicker paper

Hey all, I’m looking for a laser printer that will print on reasonably thick envelopes (135gsm paper, so around 270gsm when you account for the fact it’s doubled).
I currently have a brother HL2250DN and recently purchased a HP m452nw. The problem is, they either really curl the paper or they press it so flat you can see an imprint of the envelope triangles from the back on the front.
The reason I need a laser is to do minc foiling on them.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.08 19:05 Lord_Rugarth My boy Beau is in love with our Christmas tree.

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2021.12.08 19:05 Educational_Term_436 I’m just saying and I’m being honest….the pilots would be legends without there titans

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2021.12.08 19:05 Masterkumkwat Visual Glitch?

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2021.12.08 19:05 mordecaithecat Petition to turn the Altamonte Springs Target to a Super Target

There is no reason we should have to go to Downtown Orlando or Sanford to shop at a Super Target. The selection sucks so bad at this Target.
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2021.12.08 19:05 Smooth_Passenger_794 Crying why is this so funny

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2021.12.08 19:05 Flowfell Become ungovernable//art by me @flowfells on twitter

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2021.12.08 19:05 Robw1975 [WTS] Orient Ray Raven II

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2021.12.08 19:05 Big-Distribution8001 H: B E 90 Legacy Dragon W: B 2525 Handmade, B 2525 Tesla And Leather coat (no backpack) 3:1, also open to bloodied legacy 1:1

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2021.12.08 19:05 MundaneExtent0 What are your favourite Holiday fics (or ones that include the holidays at some point)?

Whether it’s a specific celebration like Christmas/Hanukkah/New Years or just general winter fun activities! Can be the main focus of the fic or even just a few chapters (like in Back to Us
All ships and ratings welcome 😁
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2021.12.08 19:05 Travelling_Beatmaker Travelling Beatmaker - All I Want For Xmas

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2021.12.08 19:05 TemporaryCorner5688 Starting to get scared of myself

This is going to be really long (sorry in advance). So basically, I'm not diagnosed with NPD, but my psychiatrist says I have strong traits, and from what I've researched I am the definition of a covert narcissist. Also I'm dyslexic so the spelling and grammar is horrible. The first bit is just background for context and not necessary to read:
Background (not super important):
I'll give some background. 2 years ago I started dating my ex boyfriend (we are both in our early 20s, I'm a female). He was really sweet, had some mental health problems, and 'fell in love' with me almost immediately. He had allot of relationship anxiety and unhealthy attachment issues, and so did I. We dated for a bit over a year. In this time I completely lied about everything. I pretty much reinvented myself to match someone he would want. At first I didn't really like him, but soon fell in love and I became completely obsessed with him. Our relationship was super intense and unhealthy, as we both had so many issues, but at its basis I really do think I loved him. I loved spending time with him, I loved talking to him etc. but now I'm starting to wonder if I actually loved him, or was it just obsession because I had no one else and I liked the way he made me feel. I'm not sure.
I had immense relationship anxiety, but I'm starting to realise that allot of what I thought was 'anxiety' was just moments where I couldn't control him, and these moment where I had no control over him, and I felt powerless made me anxious.
He thought I was the sweetest, most honest, girlfriend ever, when in reality it was just a facade. I was super toxic and manipulative, and was really good at hiding it. I would purposefully go out of my way to invent stories about guys flirting with me, made up exes, told him I had pervious relationships even if he was my first, show him pics of guys I had things with in the past that were hotter than him to make him insecure. All of this just to make him jealous and insecure. To create this image that I was hot shit. I was using dating apps and talking to guys I had things with in the past throughout the entire relationship, purely for attention, and moments when I was super anxious and thought he was cheating on me. At its basis all the things I would do were because I was just so insecure, but wanted to feel like I had power and control over the situation.
I had just moved to a new city when I met him, and didn't know anyone. I had a few friends, but all of them knew a 'different' part of me, as I just mirror the people that I'm around, plus I was embarrassed of them and was scared that my ex would not like them or think they were 'cool' enough. So he never met any of them. I made up so many people and friends, would talk to him about people that didn't exist just so he thought I was super popular. I also grew up in a different country, and never made friends there either (because I'm clearly just not a pleasant person and everyone irritates me after a while), but would still make people up so he thought I was this super popular person in highschool, when I was actually the lame, weirdo with no friends. It was easy to keep all of this and my family hidden, as there was lockdown. I was terrified he would meet my family or anyone I knew and find out about all my lies.
We dated for a bit over a year, until I ended up cheating on him with his brother. This happened a year ago. I had met his brother briefly once, he was older and didn't live in the same city as us. The night before I cheated, I went to a party with my ex, his brother, and some of their friends and cousins. That night I became obsessed with the brother. I felt drawn to him, like we had something that others didn't (I think he has NPD too actually). The day after, I saw him again and kissed him. I initiated it. That night my ex wasn't there, but there were some of their friends, and obviously his brother. I was completely drunk, and on allot of drugs (was the first time in the relationship I had ever taken drugs). I can't remember allot, but apparently the way I acted, and the stuff I said made the brother and his friends realise and tell my ex that I'm a sociopath.
Background (a bit more important):
Looking back the emotions I felt after I cheated were not normal. I don't think I felt any empathy for him. I felt allot of shame. So much shame that my mask was ripped off. That people close to him saw the 'real me'. So basically all I have been doing since the cheating is trying to make my ex see me for who he thought I was, not who his brother is telling him I am. I told him I would start super intensive therapy to fix myself so we could get back together. In reality my intention for starting therapy had nothing to do with me trying to fix myself, it was to do with the fact that I wanted him to think I was, so he would take me back. I put on this personal to my new therapist, to come across as super innocent, that it was all a mistake. I would have my ex sit in the room while I had my therapist on loudspeaker over the phone, I would feed my therapist shit, so that I knew he would reply telling me how great I was, how much improvement I had made etc. all just so my ex would hear. It worked for several months, he was still completely obsessed with me. I would always tell him how we should stop talking and seeing each-other, how what I did was so fucked up, that I wanted to become a better person before we got back together. But I didn't mean any of it, it was just to see if he would fight for me. And he did. He would beg for me to stay. I was still tell him I was hanging out with all these guys so he would be jealous, still do all this manipulative shit even after I cheated. Through all this we were never officially dating again, but acting like we were (he was keeping it hidden from everyone). After a while I think that the reality of what I did hit, and he decided he wanted to properly end things. Before he was always saying how in a few months we'd get together, that I was the one, that he was sure we would end up together as we're meant to be. Then he started saying how he didn't know if we would ever even end up together, that it was life, and shit happens. He started seeing the whole situation from a more mature place. I think his family also really ingrained this idea in his head that I was a sociopath. We went a few months without talking, however always end up talking and seeing eachother. But there's no desperation on his part anymore. He takes ages to reply, I have to literally beg him to come over, he only really talks to me or wants to see me when he's depressed or lonely. I'm still now I'm manipulating him.
Important part:
Now to the important part. A month after I cheated I did a shit tonne of psychedelics for the first time. It was horrible. The entire trip was just hallucinations telling me how I'm rotten to my core, my blood isn't pure, I come from a line of people whose blood is in-pure. That the only way to stop this was to kill myself. I was super freaked out after, but ignored it. A month after that I smoked allot of weed, and relived the entire experience in more detail. It made me realise so many behaviours I had that were not ok. Then I while after I smoked again, and again realised even more stuff. Before this I honestly thought I was a good person with good intentions lol. Around 6 months ago is when I started doing allot of research into my behaviours, joining this forum, researching about NPD etc. and I realised that this is what I have. That I lie, I manipulate, I'm a completely empty vessel, I just mirror then discard people when I don't need them anymore, I only care about myself and how I appear to others, nothing in my life or about me is real, because I live in a world of fantasies 99% of these time, I think I'm so superior when in reality I am and have nothing. All of these things, I have. When I first realised I completely broke down. I told my mum everything (she completely denied it and said that there's no way I have NPD. That's just how good my mask is). I started telling my therapist the truth, and we started working on it. I became completely suicidal, realising that I'm the reason that my life has always been horrible and I have no one. Then I would forget about it and stop going on this forum, and I'd be ok for a while. I kept repeating these cycles of forgetting all about NPD, and being ok in myself, and becoming obsessed with NPD, and wanting to kill myself. The thing is now, when I think about the stuff I did to my ex I actually think I DO feel empathy. He was such a pure soul and I hurt him so much. I physically feel how I hurt him inside of me. However, I still can't stop myself manipulating him. I've for sure gotten better, but I still lie to him about so much in regards to the cheating and myself, just to preserve the mask. He's the one I have it the worst with, because the mask I present him is complete lies. This brings me to last week, where I started watching documentaries of criminal psychiatrists braking down serial killers profiles, and psychopath's behaviours in interviews. And I do all the things they do. Everything they point in regards to their manipulations, is stuff I do. Everything down to the rehearsing, the facial expressions, the tone, playing the victim, being charming. Everything. It's me. And now I'm terrified that I will do something like that one day. That I will actually truly hurt someone. Loose it and kill someone. I'm confused though because when I hear about what they did, I do feel empathy and feel completely sick. But what if I loose it one day, in the moment so blinded my anger that I kill or hurt someone. I have also been going on the narcissistic abuse subreddit allot, and it's been fucking with me. Reading these stories and how the behaviours of the people they talk about are just as mine, realising how fucked up it is hearing from it from the other side. It brings me so much shame, and I think also empathy for the people effected. At the same time, when I read it, I look back at my behaviours with my ex, making sure that I hid them well enough for him to never realise that I'm also a manipulative narcissist. I want. to get better so bad. Stop hurting people. Have a stable life. Not constantly live in fear that someone will find out about my many lies. I don't know what to do. No matter how hard I try I feel like at it's rooted in me. I have literally always been like this, and I think I always be, it's how I'm programmed and it scares me. I feel like I should never interact with anyone ever again to ensure I don't hurt anyone again or get found out (my biggest fear).
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2021.12.08 19:05 WorldNewsinPictures Barcelona Don't Need Miracles to Beat Bayern Munich.

Barcelona don't need miracles to beat Bayern Munich. Ni con San Roque en la porteria. Come again xavi.... MORE ->
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2021.12.08 19:05 Dismal_Feed_442 What do you do in this situation ?

This happened to me so many times where I just be scrolling through Twitter and I see a tweet that I like and it could be anything so I say : let me see who is this person just incase I wanted to follow them after that I ended up seeing this person tweeted at some point Something sexual or a sexual art and here at me again thinking if this stopped my reboot process or not
What do you kings do in this situation?
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2021.12.08 19:05 Brutal_Deluxe_ why many articels from the independent noyespaper? It owned by rossiyan oligarch lebedev with link to СврРФ, boris johnson make him lord so uk people has rule in parliament by rossiyan best president?

now evgeny lebedev sit in haus of lors until he dead, you person in britein very lacky he protect about make you life better uk person. read independent pliss. is good very good
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2021.12.08 19:05 RageVersa Best 7.62x 39 AK?

I just want to see what other peoples opinions are on the ak's because I don't know the difference and I'm sure you nerds do, so, what is the best one?
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2021.12.08 19:05 TheBlazeBot Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee statue to be melted down by black heritage center in Charlottesville, turned into public art

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2021.12.08 19:05 stoked4ever $13 in the last 2.5 hours, started great now dead. Chicago suburb.

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