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Lock Enlistment Crs

2022.01.19 00:58 Both_Ad_769 Lock Enlistment Crs

Hello, freshman here! Nakalimutan ko asikasuhin CRS. Bigla kong naalala na may lock enlistment pa pala at post advised na proseso. Chineck ko ngayon tapos wala ng lock enlistment button? Pano kaya to?
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2022.01.19 00:58 xflipstylez Tag someone who needs this

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2022.01.19 00:58 Educational-Sound-98 Ela é louca mesmo

Olá amigos! Como eu disse pra vcs, vou atualizar a minha aventura com a garota que estou conhecendo. Ela me chamou pra chapar semana passada e eu fui. Como tinha uma grana, levei algumas drogas pra gente. Dai foi uma boa noite, degustamos um pouco de corote de morango, fumamos uns cigarros e ficamos conversando bastante. (Ela conversa bastante) Aí, ao cair da noite umas 22h, ela ligou e pediu pra mãe dela deixar eu dormir lá. De principio a coroa negou, porém me ofereci a pagar um rango pra ela e ai acho que a mãe dela, viu que não sou um noia que só pensa em, rua, bebidas e drogas (É o que sou!), porém, ninguém pode me julgar. Até ai beleza, só que indo pra casa dela, a mina entrou em maior crise de abstinência! Ela queria mandar uns raios de qualquer forma. Eu neguei, só que ela não parava de dizer que era o ultimo dia que ela iria chapar pois (Segunda, ela viajou para o nordeste. E está usando isso para colocar os pensamentos dela no lugar) ... Eu só tinha 10 reais da minha condução família... A mina pegou uma coca com a minha condução... Não faço questão alguma! Mas ela poderia ter pensado em mim. Tudo bem que ela abriu a porta de sua casa pra mim... Me deu ums beijinhos... Mas poxa... Ela poderia se controlar. Agora tenho certeza que ela só me procura pra isso. Ela me pediu pra prometer que buscaria ela no terminal quando voltasse de viagem para comer ums lanches veganos por ai. Ela quer ficar firmona! E eu também quero que ela fique. Eu sinceramente, acho que ela mesma, ñ vai querer me encontrar...
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2022.01.19 00:58 suswoutinfowhy In Unreal Engine is there a similar choice to Unity's "Rigidbody vs Character Controller"?

I've never used Unreal Engine before and am considering it. One 'problem' of Unity I've had is mentally struggling with whether or not to go with a Rigidbody- or CharacterController- based character.
Is there such a dilemna with Unreal Engine?
For instance, I see a lot of plugins in the UE Marketplace that look cool, but I don't know if they are dependent on a certain 'type' of UE character you choose.
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2022.01.19 00:58 Enough_Evening1337 What do you do in situations like this 💀

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2022.01.19 00:58 wherearemybrains Transitioning out of supply chain

Has anyone here done a career change out of supply chain? If so, what field did you transition to?
I’ve been in supply chain for 3 years. Started in a rotational program right out of college and worked in Operations for 2 years in CPG. For the past year I’ve been working in procurement as a buyeplanner in Aerospace/telecom.
I’m burned out, tired of being stressed, and contemplating getting out of supply chain. I’ve been thinking about becoming a Recruiter for supply chain roles.
What are other roles that would benefit from a supply chain background?
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2022.01.19 00:58 A_la_Kazaam I Have Reason to Suspect That Serena Might Soon Return in Pokémon Journeys

I will be referencing parts of this trailer for the next several Journeys episodes after JN092 within this post: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUDOm73UwPs
It appears Chloe's arc of encountering each and every different Eeveelution is nearing its end. In a few days, Chloe will encounter Leafeon. Later in the coming weeks, she will encounter Flareon and Jolteon. The trailer linked above shows Flareon and Jolteon about 18 seconds into the video, and Chloe's Eevee is seen using a Fire type move (I assume via Copycat) 23 seconds into the video. These brief moments appear to be from the same episode, as Flareon has a small top hat on its head, Jolteon has a small flower with ribbon on its head, Chloe also has a small top hat on her head and is dressed in a white suit, and Chloe's Eevee is wearing a small brooch on its neck fluff. In addition, the floor Flareon and Jolteon are standing on and the drapery behind Chloe and Eevee are the same color. Once Chloe encounters Leafeon, Flareon, and Jolteon, the only Eeveelution left for her to encounter will be Sylveon. We know a certain trainer with a Sylveon; their name is Serena.
It is possible that the episode where Chloe meets Sylveon may not occur for a lengthy stretch after the Flareon and Jolteon episode. Also, it is possible that the trainer of the Sylveon Chloe presumably will encounter may not be Serena. After all, while Gary returned, his Umbreon did not; Chloe met a different trainer's Umbreon. Anabel did not return as the trainer of the Espeon Chloe met. Volkner returned without his Jolteon, and it appears the Jolteon Chloe will encounter is not Volkner's. Chloe encountered a Glaceon, but it wasn't May's Glaceon. As we may observe from these examples, much precedent exists for a known character like Serena not being the trainer of the Sylveon Chloe presumably eventually will meet. Nonetheless, it is a distinct possibility that Serena could return as the trainer of the Sylveon Chloe encounters, and that this Sylveon encounter and potential Serena return may happen sooner rather than later.
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2022.01.19 00:58 KJ6BWB ISO Dentist for family

I'm looking for a dentist for my family, adults & kids, root canals & a frenectomy, etc. Preferably over by Boys Town.
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2022.01.19 00:58 Jamesinthemiddle My Inner Thoughts In This Halo Infinite Scene

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2022.01.19 00:58 ConsistentSpot1 Does anyone remember what these Decepticons are called?

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2022.01.19 00:58 Familiar_Fox2001 Bought on MEXC and wonder about free tokens...

Got some Baby Doge!!! It is on MEXC because I am in Washington State and that's all I could figure out without like vpn-ing or something...
The big question is how do I move it to a wallet for getting "reflections" or shares of trades? Is it even worth it if they take 10% to 20% each way...
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2022.01.19 00:58 ThatFunnyGuy543 Wait what? :0

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2022.01.19 00:58 Ok-Mechanic4258 Demon Slayer's getting good

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2022.01.19 00:58 bassist9999 How would you say cockblock in chinese?

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2022.01.19 00:58 ajegm Help! This guy is feeling top heavy, looking for advice on how to stabilize his head

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2022.01.19 00:58 Erilson Police let suspect escape after attacking Muni bus driver, witnesses say

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2022.01.19 00:58 MaCk_Pinto What do y’all think or if I should put it this way, what are y’all opinions about ps5s HORI controLLer ?

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2022.01.19 00:58 Alter447 Turkey's The Enemy Within and Fundamentalist State Management events, what are these?

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2022.01.19 00:58 Dernomyte H: GS50c25 Crossbow W: The SBQ to gargle my bal... I mean flux. Looking flux or caps

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2022.01.19 00:58 NotSteveBuscemisCat BP rollercoaster in sepsis?

Having trouble finding research on this and was hoping to get some additional experience.
tl;dr: is this BP roller coaster an expected projection for sepsis or was this wonky? If so, is it the body just over correcting from that BP spike through the climbing temp and extreme diaphoresis - leading to the BP drop? I’ve never had such dramatic decomp before, felt like I had whiplash.
Total care pt, bedfast, always a bit sweaty at baseline, O2 <3L for target above 92%, great urine output via foley, soft BP (sys 90s-100) + slightly tachy trends, temp typically under 38*C, positive blood cultures.
Sudden extreme diaphoresis (no chest pain), O2 needs become labile and wet, nausea no emesis, violent shakes, generalized pain, BP jumps up to 180 syst w/ temp mid 37-38s, HR 130s to 150s reg. Treated nausea and pain with good effect, Tylenol does shit all and temp keeps climbing to mid 39s, O2 stabilized, and BP now starting to drop down but trending to where it looks like it’s going to go right hypovolemic especially as temp rise is basically mirroring the BP drop (HR still 120-140). Earlier CXR showed some pulm edema but pt was stable at the time, stat CXR waiting interpretation. TIA!
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2022.01.19 00:58 Ferronier Secondary Characters with multiple fates?

Hey all, I was recently beginning to plan for a play through to experience some outcomes I’ve never had before. While it’s easy to plan around the main characters (squadmates, Council, TIM, etc), I’m realizing there are some recurring secondary characters who can have a variety of fates based on your actions throughout the trilogy.
One example is Kirrahe: he can live or die on Virmire, he can also die during the Citadel coup of Thane is dead or not spoken to.
What are some other characters that you consider of secondary importance who can have multiple outcomes based on your actions?
Thanks all!!
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2022.01.19 00:58 BaBaBooey49 How am I supposed to take this apart?

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2022.01.19 00:58 mother-hen2 Name help for my new girl

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2022.01.19 00:58 vThrowaway- “If you accomplish something good...” ~Musonius Rufus | [1440x753] | [OC]

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2022.01.19 00:58 Justbeenlucky My dumbass never saved the video of the big financial guy pretty much confirming everything we’ve been saying can someone help me out

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