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Who is in / near Bastrop? If you need help moving your fish quickly during this emergency, please let us know!!

2022.01.19 02:02 oneoclockcat Who is in / near Bastrop? If you need help moving your fish quickly during this emergency, please let us know!!

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2022.01.19 02:02 Christian0919 all of julie’s content in this link

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2022.01.19 02:02 Urbe_kid Jade stake, getting bearish on CRO

56 days, no physical card. Not even shipped yet.
CDC customer service reps have given me a lot of reasons why, but haven't found a way to get things done.
Reasons I've been told I don't have my card: "Festive season" - I staked before Thanksgiving. How long does the festive season last? WTF is a "festive season?" "post office delays" - but you haven't even shipped it yet. I'm getting stuff in my mailbox from across a grown ass continent in three days. Don't throw the USPS under the bus. "We are not a bank" - but the bank that actually issues the card is a bank! Bank, bank, bank
I want CDC and CRO to moon. It's in my best interest. But I can't recommend it to anyone who isn't balls deep in crypto.
I've seen people waiting 6 months on crypto_com for their card. I see people here say use the virtual card, or just shut up and wait. That doesn't work for the people crypto.com is actively advertising to, who are used to Amazon delivery time frames. Especially after dropping $4-40k on an investment.
Sure, you can say I staked at ATH, so what do I expect? Well, I expect a company that bought the naming rights to a famous arena and hired a famous actor to shill for them to expect what comes next.
If they can't get the issues with card delivery times straightened out soon, or at least be honest about the delays, I see dark times in the next 8 months to a year. It'll only be worse after the Super Bowl ad. Brace yourselves.
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2022.01.19 02:02 jazzido_ ¿Oigan y como tratan su amsiedad?

Literal vengo bajando de unas palpitaciones pesadas del corazón de pura ansiedad. Todos los médicos con los que he platicado me dicen que aprenda a respirar profundo y meditar.
¿Si les sirve a ustedes? ¿O qué hacen? Y no vayan a decir drogas por que ya lo intenté y ni madres :D
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2022.01.19 02:02 Mr_canolli Looking for 17 competitive people for masters!

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2022.01.19 02:02 _kiminara /Shihtzu Subdirect Statistics

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2022.01.19 02:02 CaboGame rpg dice heroes of whitestone

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2022.01.19 02:02 HunterReynoldsFilm Kodak Black lights up his blunt with the firepit at Kamp Houston (January 17, 2022)

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2022.01.19 02:02 Opal_Demon I have a gun

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2022.01.19 02:02 Frequent_Ebb_7036 Opinions on Injora

Do y’all recommend Injora for someone who wants a more budget friendly option?
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2022.01.19 02:02 eric_crossbones Nice

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2022.01.19 02:02 pottygenius Another laptop wallpaper requested by u/kirigiriimpact

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2022.01.19 02:02 Ecstatic-Escape1679 Monty after rooftop ending

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2022.01.19 02:02 wheresmyfoodjoice Wanted to try something out for this new year. I ain't much of an artist but it's honest work.

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2022.01.19 02:02 Fair-Philosopher4592 How do I get over my anger/resentment towards someone who manipulated me 4 years ago?

(I am new to reddit so forgive me if I don’t format things correctly)
Me (17F) and an ex-elementary school friend (17M) currently go to the same high school. I had a dumb childish crush on him for about 6 years and when we were about 13/14 we started texting each other a lot and got closer. I felt that he was someone I could trust and that maybe he could be interested in me as well. But I started noticing that he would only text me late at night and when we would see each other at school the next day he would completely ignore my existence or even say mean things to me. At the time I didn’t think much on it but looking back this should’ve been the first red flag.
Some time after noticing this our daily conversations started to change from random casual conversations, now he would say things like “ily” and try to talk about more sexual things. At the time I was very oblivious to these topics and didn’t understand what was going on so I just went with the conversation. It got to a point where he would send me nudes of “himself” (later on I realized that it was definitely random internet images) and would try to get me to send nudes as well. Thankfully I never did.
Eventually I told him that I had feelings for him over text. He didn’t really have a response and somewhat brushed it off. but in the next week at school I could tell that all of his friends knew. I got the vibe that they were probably all making fun of me for it. I felt extremely embarrassed and violated. At the end of the year we were all graduating and moving on to high school and so I decided that I wanted to move on and I cut him out of my life (as well as many of the other kids from my elementary school). I just wanted to forget about the whole thing and move on with life. The issue is that pretty much everyone from our elementary school always ends up at the same high school.
I would say that I was able to make great new friends and busy myself with lots of extracurriculars (I was even in a more advanced school program so we didn’t share classes) so I could distance myself. But I would occasionally run into him or hear about him from various classmates and I would always feel extremely uncomfortable and recently more angry. It’s not like I still have feelings for him or anything and everything happened such a long time ago, but I still haven’t been able to let go of it. It has affected my ability to make friendships/relationships with males again. In the past year I met some really great guys who I consider close friends but in the back of my mind I am paranoid that the same thing will happen again. My self-confidence is pretty low and I just want to be free from these negative emotions about myself so that I can love myself and feel more confident.
Thanks for reading :D If anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it!
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2022.01.19 02:02 waqasnaseem07 Me_irl

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2022.01.19 02:02 NateThePunk2 My bad attempt at a poem of why league is so fun!

Really diverse and fun
It makes me want to keep playing on rerun
Oh the joys of a new champ when they come out
The balance team really knows what they are doing no doubt
How the client has improved so much
All those 200 years really added a nice touch
Sweet new skins all the time
Might be the most diverse amount of them we've seen over time
Everytime I que I know each team is fair
So now we dont have to worry about smurf despair
Even the in game bugs are all gone
Now that something that makes me want to relax on my lawn
Don't forget about the bargin battle pass
Having so many goodies makes me feel like upper class
Eevery time I log in I know it's going to be a fun night
Leauge gives me nothing but delight
Please enjoy you games and take home my message
!there is nothing hidden in all this wreckage
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2022.01.19 02:02 NordicGoon Painting rounded wall corners (Color transition line)

Rounded (bullnose) corners becoming more popular as a standard in a lot of new home construction it seems these days. My own home has the rounded corners on the walls. Being rounded, I needed a way to mark the centers of the corners for masking prior to painting them in areas where there were room transitions etc. I really didn't like the idea of masking before the corner radius started. IMO the paint color transition line being on the edge of the curve looks far superior. With that being said, I needed a tool to mark the edges prior to masking. I'd seen there were very few options for sale online. and would have cost about $15 and I'd have to wait on shipping. So I designed my own and 3D printed it in no time. It turned out well, and I was able to successfully mark the centers of my corners perfectly for mask job. I figured I'd share this here as it was super helpful, took about an hour to print, and only costs about 50 cents in filament. Hope this helps anyone who's looking to tackle a similar painting project.
Here's the link to the .STL for 3D printing (pics of tool and marking results also): Corner Tool .STL
I modeled this to a 3/4" radius bullnose corner as that seemed to be the most popula only one I really saw used online and is what mine were.
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2022.01.19 02:02 deathproof-ish Very confused by a woman's behavior

So let's start a year ago. I meet this girl at a party and we get to talking. I get her number fairly easily and things look great. We meet up and have a great date. We went on a couple more dates then I told her I enjoyed her company and wanted to take her out to dinner. All of a sudden she wasn't into something serious. So I just let it go. Stopped contacting. It was pretty tough because I felt a strong connection but knew it wasn't a good idea to keep pursuing her romantically and friendship was off the table. She is in my friend group so I figured if it happens it happens but it wasn't happening then so move on.
A year later I see her again at a party. I straddled the line of ignoring her and engaging. I hate to admit it but she has been on my mind. Not in a weird way just wanting to find a connection with someone on the same level I felt with this particular girl. We spoke a few times, we caught up and that was that. I remember seeing her leave and telling myself... Don't you dare contact her. And I didn't.
The next day I get a text from her about one of our conversations, specifically how much she likes my music on spotify. To be honest, I was annoyed and excited at the same time. We chat a bit and that was fine. I ask her to hang out but she was busy. Okay, again, felt dumb for asking and moved on.
Then. Somehow. We run into each other again a few weeks later.
Listen, she's still on my mind. It is what it is. We chat again. I'm trying to not be flirty but it's just kinda the default. Again she leaves and I decide to not reach out because she's clearly not interested.
The next day I get a photo of her, taken by someone else of her doing a sexy pose with a caption about an inside joke we had at the previous hang out. So again we chat on the phone for a bit. I... Like a total idiot... Asked her to get a beer today. She says "can't today just got done with work next time"
At this point I'm realizing she is playing with me right? I'm frustrated that she's even on my mind and I'm also confused as to why someone would treat me like that? To me these texts feel flirty and I would guess if you know the guy likes you you're only sending stuff like that to mess with him. Am I being harsh here?
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2022.01.19 02:02 kellydoll77 Looking for fellow gamers na

I am looking for fellow gamers girls or guys doesn't matter. I just want to meet some people that like to play to relax and not get super mad when they don't win. I'm looking for mature people
I love playing LOL, CSGO, RUST, MINECRAFT. PHASMA, and other games. I just simply wanna game and hang out with cool people and laugh after a day of work. I'd love to meet some new friends.
If you are looking to add people to your discord (THAT'S NOT DEAD) message me or add me on discord
I'll see if your discord is a right fit for me, I want it to be natural and not forced just a chill easy-going time. thanks for reading :D
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2022.01.19 02:02 ManyObjective165 Where is it?

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2022.01.19 02:02 mucholucho22 Looking for Washington State teachers!

I am a former teacher conducting a survey about teachers' job satisfaction and support in their workplace as part of my Master in Public Administration program here in Washington, and I am looking for respondents! Any public K-12 teacher from Washington state is encouraged to participate. The research is part of an effort to find the missed opportunities for change in the Washington education system. All answers are confidential, and filling out the survey should take 5 minutes max.
Link to survey here: https://evergreen.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_4SoTF6j7Je5oRMi
Thank you for your help!
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2022.01.19 02:02 punishmentdevil This 17 year old from my gym

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2022.01.19 02:02 abitcurious- Capsaicin cream

I can’t believe this cream leaves your skin feeling like it’s burning for up to six weeks and all the advice is is to power through and do your best to tolerate it.
I only lasted a few days with my last attempt with the cream in the summer, and now it’s been re-prescribed since it’ll be pain clinic’s first suggestion and the GP and Physio want to try everything they can do first whilst I wait for pain clinic’s appointment so they can actually help instead of being delayed if that makes sense? It’s a 3-4 month waitlist from referral in my area at the moment and I’m on month 2 now.
It’s been only a day and the burning has already started-any tips on how to tolerate and survive this for up to six weeks? 😫😭
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2022.01.19 02:02 YogurtclosetSafe7991 This is my bridesmaid dress! Should I shorten it and add something so the front isn’t so low on me? How do I accessorize this??

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