Do you know any Daoist/Taoist Masters in India?

2022.01.19 02:05 AryanInvader1 Do you know any Daoist/Taoist Masters in India?

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2022.01.19 02:05 the_fortis_leader Fun is over. Start walking kids

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2022.01.19 02:05 Petro1113 How I learned I was a cuckold (part 1)

First time posting my story.
The weird thing for me about getting high every night is that I have the strangest dreams. Sometimes, when I recall the events of the previous night, I won't even be able to discern between what was real and what was dreamt. Recently, this has presented a big problem for me...I'm not sure if I caught my roommate fucking my girlfriend. And the experience is so humiliating that I'm desperately hoping it was all my imagination, because they haven't said anything about it since. But things have been weird between us.
My name is Alex and I'm a Junior is college. I've been jealous of my roommate, Sean, ever since we first met in freshman year. He's better than me in almost every way, and the worst part is that he knows it--and sometimes I feel like my jealousy annoys him. I just can't help myself, he's taller than me, more muscular than me, and after working out with him a few times and casually noticing him in the locker was obvious to see that (on top of everything else) his dick made mine look fucking tiny. He had to be like 6 inches soft at least. And I can't say that my jealousy or passive aggressiveness got any better once I started dating Marlene.
Marlene is an absolutely gorgeous blonde bombshell at 5'6. She's way out of my league and amazing in bed...maybe a little too good because I always cum in under a minute. The only problem is that she gets a little friendly with other guys, even when I'm around. And I get it, she's a flirty and social person, but I can't help but get jealous and angry when she does. She even has this slutty look about her in her face, you can see it in her smile and in her eyes. When I fuck her, giving it my all, I can always tell that she's just trying not to look bored.
And she's at her worst and flirtiest when she's around Sean. It's like she enjoys hanging out more with him than me whenever I bring her over. We'll smoke and watch a movie or play video games, but she always ends up being all touchy with him and I hate it. But whenever I bring it up to Marlene, she just says I'm being paranoid. I always just accepted that she was right.
That brings us up to last saturday. It was a typical night for us. We went out to dinner after class, and we both came back to my place for a movie. Like usual, Sean decided to hang around since Marlene was with me. It was just us three sitting on the couch in front of the TV, high, with Marlene in the middle. From there, all the usual little humiliations followed. The playful touches between them. The shared whispers that I wasn't a part of, followed by their giggling and my forlornness. But then she planted her hand on the inside of his thigh, and turned to him with this smoky look in her eyes. That was it...too much for me to handle. I was practically boiling with anger at that point. It was like they didn't even care that I was right there in the room with them. I had to say something.
"Hey guys come on, I'm right her you know" I managed to squeak out. How fucking weak is that. They both passed uncomfortable glances at each other, and Marlene slowly moved her hands back into her lap, rolling her eyes. Neither of them said a word to me. Come to think of it, they hadn't really said a word to me all night and it was like an hour into the movie. Then again, I was kind of sleepy and couch-locked. I tried leaning over and kisses Marlene on the cheek and cuddling her. She grimaced, but I clung on anyway.
Sean grabbed one of the throw blankets and covered all three of us and we sat there for awhile watching the movie. He must've been cold or something.
Once the movie ended, Sean and Marlene were back to leaning up against each other while I was leaning on the other end of the couch trying not to notice. "Hey, I think I'm gonna smoke another bowl. Wanna join dude?" Sean said, getting up from the couch, adjusting his pants a bit. "Sure" I said. I couldn't help noticing something, but I'm not sure if it was just my mind playing tricks...or maybe I just didn't want to believe it. I thought I saw the outline of the head of his cock through his jeans...but it was so far down his leg, and his shaft just looked too was like a can of coke! Either way I got up without staring for too long and followed him to my room.
I smoked way too much. And I'm not sure how it happened, but I must have ended up calling it a night. It happens occasionally...often I just fall asleep when I get too high.
*Thwack *Thwack *Thwack *Thwack
I woke up to loud thuds coming from the far wall of my room, followed by noises coming from Sean's room that took a second for me to process. My heart sank deep into my gut. I was immediately overwhelmed and hyperventilating. I knew exactly what was happening, but I couldn't handle it. Tears started welling in my eyes, I couldn't stop myself as she started moaning for him. I was now alone in my room, listening to Sean fuck my cheating slut of a girlfriend with his...huge dick.
"Too hard, too hard! Baby slow down, you're hurting me. And Alex might hear us!" Marlene scolded, regaining her typical slutty composure as she mentioned my name. "Don't worry so much, he never does. And what's the matter, I thought Alex's hugeeee cock had stretched you all out!" Sean said, laughing like a condescending fucking asshole and slowly increasing the tempo of his strokes.
I wanted to scream! But as I heard Marlene let out her whoreish cackle through the paper thin walls, and the *plap *plap *plap from the hilt of Sean's cock smacking her wet inviting pussy, all I could do was try to sniffle up the snot running down my lips and rub away my tears with hands quaking from anger while I lay in bed. Pathetic.
Let me know if you want a part 2!!
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2022.01.19 02:05 Yellowrosestems Hey

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2022.01.19 02:05 Hiko_Seijuro92 "Night Club Men Style" : Talking to many girls is toxic ?

Usually i go to see many girls on the clubs to dance to her and kiss them.. Etc I managed to skip the discussing part but that mean that i either go along with a girl down the end of the night or I switch to another girl because i know what i came to take from that place .
MY FRIEND is using a different technique targeting one girls and talking to her and staying on one place making sure the woman does not see him doing like this.
He said to me that women are still looking at what you are doing after having taken her number during the night. That if they see you as this kind of boy they might loose interest to take you at home as you are seen as non serious for the night but the whole thing is not serious.
Is that true?
To stay logic we all know what we are looking for at these loud places and this is not something serious right? How could they have the illusion to expect the guy to be kind of only " there" while all these girls waiting for guy coming?
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2022.01.19 02:05 Ihateeshays Should consensual necrophilla be made legal?

Consensual as in where the person(over the age of 18) consents before they die
View Poll
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2022.01.19 02:05 vexrunning MILF boss inspires her office employees by fucking them

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2022.01.19 02:05 Zugzwang__ Not on the ranger..

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2022.01.19 02:05 tyrionpapers For quick access to any paper that can come up for mocks, DM me. I sell fast, cheap and easy. 1000+ buyers in the last few months. Reviews available.

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2022.01.19 02:05 RajaouiCB4 Thoughts on Peacock so far ?

I live in Europe so i never experienced it, i wanted to know the general opinion of the American fans.
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2022.01.19 02:05 teapoiah [Repost] I am a research student doing research on GMO Food Labeling. Please help me and complete my survey for this project. Thank you.

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2022.01.19 02:05 African_Vibes What Type of Leader Was Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, Hero or Villain?

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2022.01.19 02:05 t-tulo2 AFTER HOURS TIL DAWN TOUR SOON? 😳

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2022.01.19 02:05 Lithuaniangurl Lost my favorite thrifted glasses!! Pls help me find where to buy them or a similar pair

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2022.01.19 02:05 NDRRSS Welcome MetaMorphz eth collection

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2022.01.19 02:05 Exotic_Outcome6347 NFT Marketplace OpenSea Buys Ethereum Wallet Maker Dharma Labs - Decrypt

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2022.01.19 02:05 MCReader69 Considering switching from iPhone back to Pixel

I'm considering switching from iPhone 12 Pro Max to Pixel 5a. Am I crazy?
I used to have Pixel 3 and Pixel 4XL and missed them a lot while on iOS.
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2022.01.19 02:05 poopydiaperpants I seriously need advice and help.

I had a really bad experience at the gym today and I would appreciate any advice about how to overcome this problem.
I'm 18, almost 3 months on testosterone and without top surgery. I am definitely a beginner but I've been doing my research.
I am very close with my older sister and as a result I am close with my sister's fiancé and consider him part of the family, I'm just going to call him my brother in law for the remainder of the story since that's what I consider him to be. I am open about being trans and about my dysphoria with both my sister and brother in law and they both accept me unconditionally. I have talked to my sister about how I needed to start working out, and she suggested that I go with my brother in law as a guest to his gym since he has an expensive membership at a nice gym. This is also convenient because he wanted to start going back to the gym more regularly and we could hold each other accountable. Today is our second day of going. He knows that I'm a beginner and has been extremely patient and helpful and puts an emphasis on using the correct form for every exercise, which I understand the importance of and agree that this is important. Yesterday we just used the weight machines, focusing on the upper body and stuff. Today he was trying to teach me how to do a deadlift with the proper form, I know this is especially important for deadlifts, and I literally physically couldn't.
I couldn't bend/squat down properly. Feet apart, weight on my heels, back straight, I was probably trying to do this form properly for over 40 minutes. After a long time during that time frame some guy came over, I think he may have been a coach or trainer or something I'm not sure, to try and help me. He said something that instantly made it click in my head why I was unable to do this and I think my brother in law caught onto this too. He told me to put my hips back and stick my butt out, puff my chest out as far as possible and keep my shoulders back. I reluctantly did this. "That feels unnatural to you, right?"
Yeah. I couldn't nail down the form for this because my entire body posture has been so severely impacted by my dysphoria. I have both consciously and unconsciously trained my body posture to an extreme to try and look more masculine. I am constantly, and I mean literally always, standing and sitting with my shoulders hunched forward, my chest pulled back, my hips pushed forward with my butt tucked in, even my knees slightly bent in order to keep my hips forward. All of this is to deemphasize my chest and hips. This is my default posture.
After we figured out the problem I was able to get closer to the proper form, but still not good enough to do a deadlift. The guy told me to keep practicing this and to keep my chest puffed out and to push my butt out as far as possible until the wall catches me. I did this a few times and slowly began disassociating. The gym was packed full of people who could clearly see me since I was in very open visible space, and I have been using the men's locker room, so forcing myself to deliberately do something that I knew would severely trigger my dysphoria and emphasize the feminine features of my body was like forcing myself to swallow poison. This is an environment that I feel is important to pass in in order to avoid confrontation and danger that could stem from that. After the guy went away my brother in law told me to keep practicing this and I stopped and told him I wanted to do something else. I knew I wasn't going to be able to mentally handle continuing to practice this form. At this point I was very heavily dissociated and I have been for the rest of the night like I haven't been in a long time. We went to do some shoulder presses with dumbbells but I couldn't get the form quite right for this either because I couldn't puff my chest out and keep my shoulders back. This crappy posture is going to impact my form for most types of exercises.
I am trying to build muscle and eventually lose body fat in order to look more masculine, in order to combat my dysphoria. My dysphoria is why I have bad posture. My bad posture is causing me to struggle with working out. I know people say "nobody at the gym is looking at you," but this doesn't really help my dysphoria. Even if somebody catches a glance of me for only a second and I'm in a position where I'm not passing, this impacts their perception of me and how they will treat me based on the gender they assign me in their head. I think that this struggle with nailing down the correct form also might not be just mental, and that my dysphoria has caused my body to physically retain some form of muscle memory.
I absolutely need to continue going to the gym because I can't afford to buy equipment for myself to use at home, I don't want to let my brother in law down, and I need to combat my dysphoria about my body frame without giving up on building muscle and resorting to starving myself in order to go into a calorie deficit.
I know this is an extremely long post and the situation I have presented is complicated, but I would seriously appreciate any advice, help, feedback, or suggestions about what to do in my situation. Thank you to anybody who reads this or leaves a reply.
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2022.01.19 02:05 johnnydakota How long after new year's day is it acceptable to tell people "happy new year?"

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2022.01.19 02:05 manicpoptartwrapper Need angler's ingredients for cell phone (Ps4)

I'm grinding for the Cell Phone item, but can't bring myself to fish for hours to get the hand guide, sextant, etc. from him (I think those are the item names). I'd be willing to pay with platinum coins or boss Item bags to get them. Could anyone help me out?
Psn: broken_staircase
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2022.01.19 02:05 i_eat_burnt_toast I (m22) listened to Merzbow Pulse Demon for the first time

I (m22) listened to Merzbow Pulse Demon for the first time. I was scrolling through rateyourmusic looking for new music when a certain cover caught my eye. It had a cool optical illusion and had an intriguing name, “Pulse Demon”. I decided to give it a try and saved it to my spotify. The next day after a hard days work, I wanted to have a relaxing evening. I changed into my favorite pajamas, poured myself a glass of sparkling wine and queued up Pulse Demon on my Spotify. I could not believe my ears. At first I thought my speakers had broken, I turned them off and on again, nothing changed. I thought maybe, it was one of those “quirky intro tracks”. I skip to the next song and the same thing. Then, It dawned on me. There was no music, there never was.

I can still hear that terrible noise in my head: e̴̘͎͇͈̭̹͓͉̦̲̔͆̋̍̊̈́͗͐̈͘e̶̖̽̅ȇ̵̹̝͋̏̑̾͌͑́͒e̴̜̣͓͈̞̍̈́̈ṅ̶͓̉d̷̢͇̖̪̩̟͕̅̔̈́̔̚é̶̟͓̫̰̳̰͔́̃͋̀̾͘͘͝j̵̝̿̌̍͛̄́͘̚̚͝b̸͚̭́̽̍͛̕͠ẅ̷̢̯́͆̆̓̓͛͑̽̕͝ȇ̸̻̼̫̱̐̓͊̈́͜ͅk̷̜̣̹̮͙̭̺͖̖͆́ḁ̷̅b̵͓̀̀i̸͖̫̜̳̽͐̂f̶̧̖̮̣̲̦̠̮̺́̀̓̌̎͆̾͗͘͠j̸̻͈̦̭̒̆͒͠
I decided to look up a review of this monstrosity. Surely no one in their right mind would consider this anything higher than a 0. I look up Pitchfork and ITS AN 8.7????? Higher than Donda, higher than Whole Lotta Red, HIGHER THAN IGOR.
I am deeply offended, I need to go cleanse my ears and listen to some REAL music. Maybe some Mac Demarco or Joy Division, have you heard of them? They’re pretty underground so keep them low-key. Anyways, peace out posers ✌🏻
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2022.01.19 02:05 KoolAidGuy_541 Guys something's going wrong? NOT A MEME!!!!!

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2022.01.19 02:05 Character_Society_18 A2Cers when they misspell one word in their essay

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2022.01.19 02:05 imnotnotbryce Neon honor Yokai preview?

Would anyone who has bought the neon Superfly bundle be kind enough to share the preview of what the armor coating looks like on the Yokai helmet?
Thanks 🤙🏻🤙🏻
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2022.01.19 02:05 theboygoddess Did anyone else see that post earlier about the actress who plays BB’s old (racist) tweets/FB posts❓

They were like, from 2016 and she was saying she didn’t want any “N word” men to give her attention on social media, etc.
I could have sworn I saw someone post the screen images earlier but maybe I’m trippin’? I can’t find them cause we post way too much, too LOL.
Anyone have any insight in general or know if the post got deleted?
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