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Fun for fun?

2022.01.19 01:15 Mchloe211 Fun for fun?

[F] [22] I don't really know what to put on this thing i just wanna find someone to talk and to have fun!! just hit me up on kik: Mchloe21
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2022.01.19 01:15 ComfyChickenSoup Local business small budget tips

Hi all! I see a lot of posts here for big global ads with large budgets in the hundreds. Does anyone have any tips or success stories they wouldn't mind sharing for small local businesses?
I run a local martial arts business with an advertising budget of around A$24 per day, A$15 of which goes to Facebook. What is the best way to get a small budget like this to work?
At the moment I'm putting it all on one adset for a 1% lookalike audience within a small radius (6 km) on a messaging campaign. I had great initial success but it's dried right up.
I'm currently working on making a landing page with a sign up form for my offer (free trial classes) and considering changing my ad campaign to suit and switching to a broad audience with no interests (except maybe age) and sticking with a 5-6 km location radius.
Does this sound like the right steps from here? Anything else I should be considering?
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2022.01.19 01:15 Traditional_Assist96 I want to get out there and achieve my dreams. Where do I start?

I have always wanted to get into acting, even as a little girl, I’d always dreamed of being that girl I’d see on screen. I know this was probably everyone’s dream as a girl, but I would love to actually pursue it. I have a feeling that my life at the moment isn’t right. I feel I am meant for more. I don’t meant to sound arrogant or self absorbed, but I’m just trying to translate my feelings to words. I have this strong urge to be something more. I have the dedication and determination to strive for my goals, but I have not one idea where I’m supposed to start. I would get into acting schools but my parents can’t afford it, and there isn’t one around. At least without a three hour drive! It honestly frustrates me, because I am so desperate (probably the wrong word) to get out there, and make a living, get our off my ordinary and boring life, and make a living. I am willing to put in the effort, scratch that I want to put in the effort. Being a hard working individual, I have passion in working hard to achieve great. But starting is always the hardest, and I have no idea where too
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2022.01.19 01:15 Symp21 How do i move on?

Little background story, I dated a girl for 2 years, we were an amazing couple with close to no problems. We both loved each other like crazy. That was until I experienced my mental breakdown. I was never the type of person to share my inner emotions and feelings too much, so I would always lock them inside me and they would slowly eat me. That’s what happened here, the stress from work and my insecurities pulled up to the point where I wasn’t able to socially interact with anyone. I didn’t share this burden With anyone including my gf who was clueless about this( at this time we were long distance cause of her studying abroad). She went back in January last year and we had a nice stay planned for a week as a welcome gift. The thing is I was extremely anxious about it and seeing her again after a while of her being away. And it was noticeable, after the week I ghosted her for 2 days and then told her that I lost feelings. You may be wondering why, well because I wasn’t in the right state of mind. My anxiety and depression progress so much that I closed myself from public for the following 3 months. I lied to her and broke her heart because I was unable to accept the truth and share and voice my feelings. It was only later that I seemed professional help and improved my mental health. However I could never forgive myself for what I did to her. So I decided to message her only hoping to explain what happened back then and nothing else.
So we talked and talked I explained everything and we kept in contact a for a while.( she went abroad to study again). But I still held feeling for her. This time I decided to be honest and told her. She said that despite us being over for 5 months she still also liked me. And said that if I visit her in the other country anytime soon she might give me another chance. That sparkled my eyes and so I did visit her. And it went amazingly we clicked right away spent all the time together and after the week we kinda got back together.
Now, I’m December I visited her again. This time she was noticeably more cold and closed, not showing it prior in online texts and calls. So I asked her to talk to me, she said she isn’t sure about us anymore . Hearing that broke me a little but it as what I always feared ever since we got back, so I tried to be as understanding as I could. I asked her if she needed space and she said yes . After I flew back she FaceTimed me and cried a bit but said she was sorry and that she loves me . 2 days after that out of nowhere she dumped me, this time officially. I cried I begged I screamed, everything ure not supposed to do I did it. To the point where she had to block me cuz I would t stop contacting her. It’s been something over month now and I still nfeel the need to stalk her. I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help it. I feel like my fuck up made me lose the love of my life. I cry almost daily, I try so hard to distract myself, but it feels like my mental health is worsening again. I miss her so much because I still love her like the day I met her.
I’m not sure what to do, how can I move on when I left part of me with her . She ade it very clear she is over with me, yet I can’t let go.
Sorry for mistypes I’m writing this at 5 am on phone .
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2022.01.19 01:15 Interesting-Head9823 LEGION GIVEAWAY

Hindi lang 5usd mapupunta sa wallet mo every invites kundi may chance ka manalo Ng iphon13 🥰the power or socialfi🥰
Enter my code: nTvYfwt
Available na wallet soon at malilist ndin sa market very soon.sign up na🥰waiting is life🥰😂
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2022.01.19 01:15 HairyBeastsGarden Wife had preclampsia symptoms so we delivered at 34 weeks, she's 4 days old, already took her off oxygen,IV etc and is eating from the bottle But has elevated Bilirubin (Commin in premies) so we got her under the photo therapy lights, levels are going down and should be out of the lights tomorrow

Wife had preclampsia symptoms so we delivered at 34 weeks, she's 4 days old, already took her off oxygen,IV etc and is eating from the bottle But has elevated Bilirubin (Commin in premies) so we got her under the photo therapy lights, levels are going down and should be out of the lights tomorrow submitted by HairyBeastsGarden to NICUParents [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 01:15 thelightgirl 1L Grades Came Back: What Do I Do?

My grades came back lower than I thought (GPA 2.7) and I’m feeling extremely dejected, especially since a lot of my classmates are boasting about theirs. Realistically, what are my chances in making it in a mid/small firm (my end goal)? I have no interest in biglaw or public interest. Clerking for a judge sounds interesting but I’m in need of making money this summer to pay the bills.
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2022.01.19 01:15 Ftm__Incubus He best not try to give me a hug after this.

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2022.01.19 01:15 TheAceOfNades [HELP] PLA prints stuck to magnetic bed?

I've got an Ender 3 Pro that I finally got working again after about 18 months of doing nothing with it. Leveled the bed (so that's not the issue) and I swapped the filament for an unopened new spool of Inland PLA in grey that I got about two years ago, and since then I had a few days of solid prints. After less than a week, though, the prints were pulling off the base of the magnetic bed I used to print them. Ruined two different beds because I could not remove the print without damaging the bed.
Maybe on a related note - when I stopped using the printer 18 months ago, the reason was that prints were doing the same, first to the magnetic bed that came with it followed by a brand new glass bed. It seems like whatever I print on whatever bed seems to be practically superglued to the bed. I pulled off a layer of the glass bed, even with using a glue stick to try and prevent this.
Is it the filament I'm using? Bed temperatures? Any ideas?
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2022.01.19 01:15 Visual-Formal-4294 Anxious and scared to start my first IVF

Hey all , I am 35yF from India (any fellow Indians feel free to connect please). Please bear with me as this will be long. I have been TTC for last 1 yr but found that I have anovulation. None of the doctors could pin point the cause of this and most blamed my anxiety for the same.All my hormonal parameters are normal and there is no usg prove of PCOS. Extremely disappointed at myself I decided to give IUI a shot last November which failed. At the same time one of my friend also has undergone IVF cycle at US which also failed. None of her embroyos matured. I am extremely anxious and can't get rid of the negative feelings regarding the treatment.I am scared that something will again go wrong and the cycle will not be successful. I am apprehensive that I have to go to the doctor's clinic and she will have bad news. I am trying to pacify myself but I can't.
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2022.01.19 01:15 ChetStevenz90 Original song “I Can Hold My Poop” hope everyone enjoys!

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2022.01.19 01:15 No-Ferret7308 I bought it for 200 gold, I love it

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2022.01.19 01:15 No_Muscle_7634 Britney Spears

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2022.01.19 01:15 Midori-6 Disappointed, any advice appreciated!

Hello all,
Today we found out the sex of our first child and I was devastated. I always imagined having a girl. It will sound terrible but whenever I saw a little boy I just couldn’t see how anyone could love a little boy. I couldn’t imagine myself caring for a boy.
My wife saw me cry for the first time once we found out the sex. She is fine with either but really hoped for a girl because that’s what I only imagined. She saw me cry and asked whether I was happy or sad (she knew and I did tell her I was sad)
I don’t know, sorry if this is all over the place. I can’t think, I tear up as I write this or think about it.
I told her I would work to change my mindset and when the boy finally comes maybe I’ll be different.
Any advice or light at the end of the tunnel stuff? Is this normal? I read so many fathers wanting boys and get disappointed when they find out their child is a girl.
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2022.01.19 01:15 SDSUAZTECS ‎The SDSU Football Podcast: Episode 2 on Apple Podcasts

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2022.01.19 01:15 External-Olive9683 Does anyone pick their partner?

I have been working on my skin picking for years now. I have gotten to a decent place where I am not picking myself (through therapy, journaling with the SkinPick app, mostly avoiding mirrors, washing up before bed early as the later it gets the more picky I feel, using fidget toys and keeping my hands busy) but what is left of my urges have been coming through in that I am now picking my partner. He generally is helpful in helping me not pick myself but is not as helpful in stopping me from picking him (I know it’s not his responsibility, and I am the one doing it). He says he doesn’t mind it which I both hate and love. I hate that I am doing this to him and also I am afraid of getting him used to this and giving him skin picking disorder for himself! Anyone out there also pick their partner, and have advice?
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2022.01.19 01:15 Midnight_Senpai Tried Out My New Drawing Tablet and Came Up With This Guy! Cheep Cheep For Life!

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2022.01.19 01:15 good_you_ what should i do with all the tools i get from my raid farm

is there a way to utilize all the iron tools and armor i have been accumulating with this new raid farm? i disenchant for xp but that’s about it. i have an iron farm and an abundance of iron already as well as a gold/xp farm so it seems kinda useless
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2022.01.19 01:15 madmatt1980 Can I write off depreciation on crowd funded deals on apps like Crowdstreet, Yieldstreet, etc?

I am new to real estate investing, but depreciation sounds pretty slick. It seems like its possible with syndications.. but can it be done with crowdfunding apps like crowdstreet, yieldstreet, equitymutliple, etc?
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2022.01.19 01:15 next_values Netizens India Special on Twitter

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2022.01.19 01:15 MSOTruliever Daily Discussion Lounge Wednesday January 19th, 2022.

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2022.01.19 01:15 Bfunk4real Best grinder. Will take down a 1 gram bud in 3 spins. It doesn’t exude any aroma and can sit on my desk all day without notice. It hides in plain sight.

Best grinder. Will take down a 1 gram bud in 3 spins. It doesn’t exude any aroma and can sit on my desk all day without notice. It hides in plain sight. submitted by Bfunk4real to hempflowers [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 01:15 Radiant_Young_9819 Genesect with shock drive raid. 7579 4093 5168

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2022.01.19 01:15 TheSpinelessWonder Insulation in 1960's home, worth replacing?

Hi all,
We have a 1960's home with pink bat type insulation in the walls. We are looking at getting the walls repainted and plastered and were wondering whether or not we do new plasterboard to replace the old insulation. How good is 1960s insulation and would it be worth replacing?
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2022.01.19 01:15 Conscious-Stand4720 Salt retains water weight, but does it make you gain weight?

I understand that eating a lot of salt can stop the scale from going down but will it make it go up as well?
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